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Man Dead after Motorcycle Crash in Lycoming County

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WOODWARD TOWNSHIP — State police have identified a man killed in a motorcycle crash in Lycoming County.

Troopers said Franklin Mahaffey, 37,  from Cogan Station, died when his motorcycle hit a pickup head-on on Northway Road near Linden around 6 p.m. on Sunday.

Troopers said Mahaffey might have been speeding on the road before he lost control. He was not wearing a helmet.

The pickup driver was unhurt after Sunday’s crash in Lycoming County.


  • Bill K

    But watch out for motorcycles, they’re everywhere! I wish we’d see signs saying “motorcycles slow the hell down, there are trucks everywhere!” It’s always the cars that are blamed for bike wrecks. But over half the time it’s due to your typical bike rider. Buzzcut kid in a tee shirt and baseball cap going twice the speed limit.

  • Brandi C

    Wow you people are so inconsiderate he was a son brother father husband okay he wasn’t wearing a helmet but what in the hell gives you the right to say the things you are saying now if that was your family member I bet you’d b boohooing so try and have a little respect

    • bloody well right

      What gives us the right? It’s called the First Amendment. The sad thing here is it didn’t have to happen. Everyone is somebody’s brother, sister, uncle, cousin, etc. How many people could have said ‘Franklin, we love you, please wear a helmet’. Or, ‘Please ride with caution and within your abilities, we would hate to see anything happen to you. We know you love to ride, just use your head because we want you around.’ I’m a rider – been on bikes for almost 30 years – I always wear a helmet. One time years back in a parking lot no less, a helmet protected me from serious injury. Yes – it’s a choice – choose wisely.

    • Heather Painter

      What if that was your family? You shouldn’t be calling people morons? Have you NO compassion for a human life? Do you wear your seat belt while driving?

  • JessicaInWilliamsport

    So sad, I’ll wait for more details to comment on the “how” of things, however helmets can’t save riders from severe blunt force trauma/internal injuries that result from accidents involving other vehicles. :-(

    • stupid is as stupid does

      Glad you’re waiting, I’m not. People that ride and don’t wear a helmet are asking for trouble. Eye and hand injuries can be prevented or lessened with safety glasses and gloves. The same can be said about seat belts and air bags in vehicles. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Sure, you have the law on your side (in PA) to not wear a helmet – and that’s your choice. I don’t want to hear any boo-hooing about ‘so sad’ when no helmet is combined with reckless operation.

      • Scurfie

        If you chose to ride a motorcycle, you are accepting that you can be seriously injured. And if helmets are so great why aren’t they mandatory for cars along with 5-point harnesses, and roll cages?

      • JessicaInWilliamsport

        WOW, do you even know what blunt force trauma to the body does? Your head is just fine, it’s the torso that gets all the damage. You must never have lost anyone to an accident like this to make such comments. As for the poster who claims that it’s the “motorcyclists fault at least half the time”, pay attention and watch your surroundings, I beg to differ. I’m not a big fan of motorcycles since I lost my brother thanks to an inattentive pick up truck driver who hit him head on because he was drifting into the left lane to turn into an ice cream stand. (he got charged with improper left turn, that’s it) HOWEVER, in just being a driver of a car and paying attention to my surroundings, I’ve seen far more careless cars than motorcycles….. Finally, your lack of compassion says volumes about you.

    • Bill K

      JessicaInWilliamsport, you are correct. Know what WOULD have prevented his accident and would have definitely kept him alive today? If he’d have obeyed the speed limit. I’m sick and tired of bike riders crying “watch out for motorcycles” when in over half the cases it’s because the bike rider drove too fast, was swerving all over the road or was driving way beyond the capabilities of the bike and the road.

      • JessicaInWilliamsport

        Perhaps he wasn’t operating recklessly, whose word do we have on that? The driver who hit him? Secondly, I looked it up — latest stats I could find were for 2015 and national. 61% of motorcyclists who died in 2015 were wearing helmets. Just an FYI.

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