‘Global Week’ Returns to East Stroudsburg University

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EAST STROUDSBURG -- On the front lawn of East Stroudsburg University is a rainbow memorial. Behind it are the names of 49 people who lost their lives last year after a mass shooting inside a nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

Neema Bahrami survived that shooting.

"We've talked so much about what happened. Our new mission is to move forward by spreading love and not entertaining what hate did," said Neema Bahrami of Orlando, Florida.

This ceremony is part of the campus "Global Week," a week-long event that highlights the diversity that makes up the campus community in East Stroudsburg.

"We know with a lot of people when it comes to diversity, it's not just about ethnicity. We are different in politics, religion, culture and traditions and so many other things, so with this, we can expose them to all the great array of beauty that we have within the human experience," said Fernando Alcantar, ESU student engagement director.

Students, faculty, staff, and members of the community will all gather on campus throughout the week to take part in a number of different discussions and event.

The main event is mid-week, with the World Fair.

Music, food, and entertainment -- including live animals -- are just some of what you can expect to see this week.

"I think it's a great initiative for our campus. It really lets people open up and lets the voices be heard. It shows how each student comes from different backgrounds and different ethnicities and races and just brings everyone together," said sophomore Marcus Narcisse.

A Relay for Life event will take place on Thursday.

The second annual campus "Global Week" will wrap up with an International Fair on Saturday.


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