Sen. Casey Holds Town Hall in Scranton

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SCRANTON -- People had a chance to chat face to face with Senator Bob Casey in Scranton on Sunday.

About 200 people attended the Democratic senator's town hall at Lackawanna College, where he took questions about everything from health care to President Trump and Russia.

"There's no question [Russia] interfered in our election," said Casey. "That's a fact. Putin is a threat to us. He's a threat to our democracy and the President of the United States should say that in addition to holding him accountable on the hacking of the election."

Voters at the rally tell Newswatch 16 it's important for politicians to host town halls like this one, regardless of whether or not you support their views.

"This is the kind of thing that should be happening all across the country more than it is," said Greg Richters of Kingston.

"We have to get people in the community engaged in the political process, and I think that's part of the root of the problem. If more people are and take stake in these issues, we can see real change," said Sean Bieski of Nanticoke.

For others, these town hall meetings are a chance to really dig deep into the issues and to fully understand it all.

"It's up to people like Senator Casey and [Congressman] Marino and Congressman Barletta and all of those people to make things clear," added Paula Roos of Honesdale.

Senator Casey is scheduled to hold another town hall in Pittsburgh next Sunday.

As for Senator Toomey, his office tells Newswatch 16:

Senator Toomey traditionally holds his Town Hall meetings during the summer months. Over the past six years, he has held 14 such meetings, including stops in NEPA. Additionally, he has also hosted 48 tele-town hall meetings and been to every county in the state at least twice. No other statewide legislator or executive serving Pennsylvania during the same time period has come close to matching this level of outreach.

Senator Toomey values a constructive dialogue with his constituents and will remain engaged through a variety of mediums, including meetings, social media, and in-person and tele-town halls.


  • Gary Roberts

    Ah, the professional protesters are mad because they aren’t getting air time as they disrupt town halls and are only there to shout down our representatives.

  • Ron

    Sen. Bob Casey looks tired. Sen Bob Casey has a tough election coming up and is only here to fool uninformed voters. His father would be ashamed. His father was a good man of character and new right from wrong.

  • magicmikexxsm

    Casey you dirt bag DNC water carrier, So just how did Russia interfere with our election?????? we know they hacked the DNC computer and outed your sides lying and cheating screwing sanders…..8 months of investigating and NO evidence of Collusion between Trump and the Russians….
    Now Casey, you may want to look into Dr. Farkas, and the way she outed the Obama admin for spying on the Trump camp before and after the election during the transition. Trump was correct call it what you may spying wire tap what ever…….No Dr Farkas is out and about trying to walk back her comments in that video…….
    Casey subpoenas will be issued to all in the Obama admin and Obama himself in the coming future…

    • tomtom

      Do you ever read anything? Dumbest comments ever typed. Are you mentally challenged? Not breastfed? Dropped on head when newborn? Geez man…come up for air and get your facts straight.

      • magicmikexxsm

        TOMTOM you are that 40 watt bulb in the box of 100 watt bulbs, not very bright are you……

        So you are saying the Dr. Farkas Video of her outing the Obama admin and herself is just BS????
        lol…..not the sharpest tool in the shed are you….

  • Erik Latranyi

    Nobody asked Sen Casey for the details of how Russia interfered in our election?

    It is easy to make an allegation, it is another thing to back it up with substance.

  • Don

    Sleepy Bobby is only there because he has an election coming up. Sleepy Bobby will try to sound like he’s pro-life until the election to try and fool voters. Sleepy Bobby was a 97% yes vote for Obama. Sleepy Bobby needs to go do something else with his spineless character and half opened eyes. Just like clockwork, Sleepy Bobby makes an appearance to fool the voters once again.

  • Mark Gano

    Why does any senator address the people when they represent the state? The house represents the people. The senators should be working for the states interests and addressing those at a states capital.

  • Tom Colna

    So Casey gave a town hall meeting. Why? He could of just sent the DNC talking points. He voted 100% with Obama and the DNC no matter what ALL Pennsylvanians wanted. He Parrots everything the DNC and liberals send out. I bet His Dad is rolling in his Grave. Sorry for the straightforwardness and candor.

  • Some Representation!!

    Speaking of Town Halls, has anyone actually seen Tom Marino recently? We at least see the groundhog once a year!

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