Firefighters Evacuate Building in Berwick

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BERWICK -- More than 100 people were forced out of a smoky building in Columbia County.

Fire crews were called to North Mulberry Street in Berwick around noon Sunday.

The building houses several businesses including a tax office, a tattoo parlor, and a Subway restaurant along with multiple apartments, all which had to be evacuated.

"We were going to have lunch. Then they knocked on the door, really pounding saying, 'Firemen,' you know like they do on TV," said Denise Schell of Berwick.

"At first I thought, 'Oh, they're having an actual fire drill with the firemen.' I didn't know it was the real thing until they told me it was the real thing," said Caroline Moyer of Berwick.

Berwick's fire chief said a problem with the heating system was the cause, and there were no injuries or damage.

All residents were able to return to their homes and business can reopen.