Thrift Shop Burglarized at Berwick Senior Center

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BERWICK -- The Berwick Senior's Thrift Shop is run by senior citizens, many who attend the Berwick Senior Center, which is right upstairs. They sell clothes, bags, jewelry and more.

"We keep our prices low because we know that we're helping the families in this area that don't have a lot," Hilda Silver said.

But earlier this week, this thrift store was broken into and burglarized.

"They had to have a crowbar. They knew what they were looking for," Nancy DeMarco said.

The building was broken into sometime between Wednesday and Thursday.

After an unsuccessful attempt at trying to get money out of the cash register downstairs, the thief or thieves then came upstairs, broke into the office and came out with around $900.

"When we're hit we're hit hard," Silver said.

The seniors usually deposit the money once a week, but now plan on doing it every day. The center depends on the money to keep the building running.

"It takes care of everything in the building. All the repairs, the oil, the heat, the electric and water. That's for upstairs and downstairs," Silver said.

The seniors recently installed a security camera inside the thrift shop, because someone was stealing clothes from them. Unfortunately, the camera did not catch this most recent incident.

"Horrible because we're really hurt and we do a lot of work down here," DeMarco said.

According to Berwick police, they are investigating several similar incidents in the area. If you have any information, call the Berwick police.

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  • RicU.

    The article snowed far too many convenient lapses. The thieves didn’t take time with the cash register but knew where the $900 was. They knew about the security camera non-functioning. They knew about he deposit schedule. They knew a lot more.

    Having experience in security, manufacturing, power plant, corporate and others, there are just too many lapses.

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