Police Install Speed Radars in Stroudsburg

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STROUDSBURG -- Officials in Monroe County are cracking down on speeders in residential areas, and they've installed speed radars to help zero in on problem streets.

If you ask residents in parts of Stroudsburg what the biggest problem is on streets like Thomas Street, they say the answer is simple: drivers who speed past the 15 MPH speed limit.

"I've lived here since 1986, and I've never seen so many people fly through here," said Paul Kennedy, a resident of Thomas Street. "Especially once the courthouse lets out. Around 5 o'clock, you see people flying past here all the time."

That is why Kennedy and others who live on this street were relieved when a speed radar was rolled in by Stroud Area Regional Police earlier this week.

"It's good to have it here because of the stop signs too," said resident Todd Beatty. "Everyone runs these stop signs all the time."

For those who live along this stretch of Thomas Street, they see drivers flying up and down everyday, so the radar was a needed and welcome sight.

"We've been working on it but the problem was, where are we going to put it? But it's going to be moved around, it won't be just on Thomas Street," said Mayor Tarah Probst. "It will be moved around so people know to slow down on these streets."

Officials say police will be monitoring these residential areas to make sure drivers obey the posted speed limit. The radar will then be moved to other streets on an "as needed" basis.

"When I am out here gardening in the spring I'll see people, they don't even stop at the stop sign," added Kennedy. "So, it's something I think has been needed for a long time."


  • Joe

    This story is not news, it is a biased editorial. First of all, speed limits are supposed to be posted at the 85th percentile, which this street is CLEARLY NOT! Was a recent traffic study done to call for a 15 mph limit? I highly doubt it. People will obey CORRECTLY posted speed limits. The sign looked like it was modified, so the limit was likely lowered recently. Low speed limits CAUSE crashes. When you stand still, it looks like all cars are going by quickly. Also, who is running all these stop signs? Yet another myth. Putting out a story saying that people are driving like NASCAR and running all the stop signs is simply reckless. I expect better from WNEP.

    • John Baxter

      I agree. There are very few streets where 15 mph is actually an appropriate limit. Are most of those people actually driving significantly faster than an appropriate limit, like 25-mph? Also, as far as stop signs go, they are often installed in appropriately and contrary to traffic rules just to slow traffic. If they truly protect absolutely blind corners,they may be needed. But, the fact remains that many of these drivers who don’t stop all the way but do proceed with reasonable caution may be doing nothing wrong.

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