Pedestrian Hit, Killed in Luzerne County

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HANOVER TOWNSHIP --  A man is dead after being struck by a vehicle in Luzerne County. Police are searching for the driver who took off.

Police now say the victim was struck by two different vehicles.

That deadly crash happened just after 6 a.m. Friday at a busy intersection of the Sans Souci Parkway and Saint Mary's Road outside Wilkes-Barre.

Hanover Township police have identified the victim as Oliver Grosspietsch, 66, of Shickshinny.

The driver headed south, then took off. Police say after he was hit the first time, he was then struck again by an unidentified vehicle that also kept going.

Investigators say he was hit and then dragged for about half a mile. Grosspietsch was pronounced dead at the scene by the coroner.

Hanover Township police, state police, and the D.A.'s office are all investigating.

"I just saw the fire trucks out here and that was it. He's been with the company for a lot of years," said coworker Maritza Ramos.

The victim was an employee at Slocomb Windows and may have been crossing the highway between the parking lot and the company.

"I can't even cross to get to work right now. These cars do not stop. Every morning it is like this. It is worse in the morning, though," said coworker Eddie Warren.

Warren, like many others at Slocomb Windows, has to park then walk across the busy parkway to get to work

A spokesman for PennDOT tells Newswatch 16 crosswalks are rarely installed on roads where there isn't a traffic signal. They add on this stretch of the Sans Souci, cars have the right of way and pedestrians walk at their own risks.

"It's a sad day when you hit somebody and don't stop. If you hit somebody, pull over, don't hit somebody and keep going. That's what happened this morning. They hit somebody and kept going," said Warren.

"It's just sad," said Jason Mootz, who works nearby. "(You) see people walk up and down all the time. It's a really busy highway. We often fear for their safety because of how fast cars go down."

Police are looking for a white Hyundai with front end damage that struck Oliver Grosspeitsch first. They have not released any description of the second vehicle.

Anyone with more information is asked to call 911.


  • So sad

    The people who did this are cowards. Maybe his life could have been saved if you just stopped! Accidents happen but you should have stopped. You had to have known you hit more than a pothole. You had to have left something. He was a brother, father and a friend.

  • Dawn Crane

    PEOPLE NEED TO SLOW THE HELL DOWN on The San Souci Highway there are alot of businesses there, its NOT a racetrack, if you hit anyone on that highway or anywhere else, you need to turn yourselves in!!!!! That was my uncle that you murdered yesterday when both of you hit him and drug him 1/2 mile down the road, you should be ashamed of yourselves for leaving the scene!!! What if it was your family member? SLOW DOWN and SAVE SOMEONES LIFE!!!!! Nobody deserves that!!!!

  • k9kiddie

    Someone died here… and all any of you can do is go after one another on a comment board? The world needs to get it’s priorities straight…

  • Joe

    I wish the clueless person whining about speed was not in the story. The speed limit should be posted at the 85th percentile, so it is likely too low now. Cars always look fast when you are standing by the road. Also, this parking lot is insane, as it is FOOLISH to expect workers to run across a busy 4 lane road. What if icy and you fall or cannot cross quickly? The company cannot care much about the safety of it’s workers. The workers should also have reflective clothing and flashlights or something. Sad, as this was avoidable.

    • Just turn yourself in

      They have tried to get a crosswalk put in. They won’t do it because there is no light there. To the people that did this, just turn yourself in please. Think of his kids and what if it was one of your kids, girlfriend, boyfriend it happened to. Do the right thing we don’t have enough of that anymore.

      • Dawn Crane

        I hope you both ROT IN HELL, for Murdering my uncle in that double hit and run yesterday!!!!!

  • seen it all

    Nobody stops anymore. What a bunch of Idiots , an accident turns to a serious crime if you don’t stop and address the issue . ALSO What’s wrong with the writer , This is a Hit and run crime , not pedestrian hit for the header .

  • Axia

    Sad news. The Valley of the Hit & Run strikes again. I swear there are more Hit & Run fatalities here per capita than the rest of the state.

  • Kiesha Dias

    You’re all idiots. They whole news story, and this is what you have to complain about. Let’s hope this person who lost their life isn’t friends or family…. Does anyone know what kind of Chrysler they are looking for? Car, truck, van?

    • knowledge

      WOW Wyoming, way to really narrow it down, how about you learn the history of a town/s before picking on people in a comment section about someone who was killed.

    • Five rounds are five rounds

      “Police are looking for a white Hyundai with front-end damage.” You can keep looking for a Chrysler though, I’d start making citizens arrests if I were you. Especially those Chrysler trucks…



  • Get it together

    I wish WNEP would get it together when your in Hanover Twp. Its not Wilkes Barre by no means and their constantly saying Wilkes Barre

    • NEAR

      “HANOVER TOWNSHIP — A deadly….
      The coroner is on the scene near Wilkes-Barre.
      …San Souci Parkway in Hanover Township.”

      WNEP only said it was NEAR Wilkes-Barre.

      • Get it together

        Do they say Wilkes Barre near Hanover Twp, Luzerne near Swoyersville, Kingston near Edwardsville…Don’t associate Wilkes Barre with Hanover Township two different places

      • ?

        “Do they say Wilkes Barre near Hanover Twp, Luzerne near Swoyersville, Kingston near Edwardsville ? “

    • Tammy

      There is more than one Hanover in Pennsylvania, so by saying near Wilkes-Barre, they are differentiating from the other. I know that the other is a borough, but many people around here just say Hanover…and do not add the Township. Plus people in many parts of the state get WNEP and it helps them to know which Hanover, as well.But I agree, someone has died…get over whether they say what city and maybe say a prayer for the deceased and anyone who might be experiencing this loss!

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