Michigan Teacher Pranks Students With Ridiculous April Fools’ Spelling Test

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Photo Credit: Facebook / Joey Dee

Royal Oak, MI – Everyone enjoys a good laugh and that’s exactly why one Michigan teacher’s April Fools’ prank is going viral.

Mr. Dombrowski, a Royal Oak elementary school teacher, pranked his class with a ridiculous spelling test.

We’re willing to guess that nobody aced the test containing words like; ‘Speekuszlum,’ ‘Rol-aska-tox’ (no credit without the hyphens) and ‘Blorskee.’

Dombrowski recorded himself spelling the words out while the students graded their own tests. ┬áHe later posted the video on Facebook for the world’s enjoyent.

Making the video even more hilarious, is the students’┬áreactions to some of the more ridiculous spellings.


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  • Cheese

    This is not news. I hope WNEP is at least generating enough ad revenue to continue funding those hard hitting reports on potholes and taste tests.

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