Worker Accused of Fraud in Theft from Employer

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GREAT BEND — A worker from Susquehanna County is accused of stealing $95,000 from her employer.

Joann Palmatier, 54, of Great Bend, is charged with one count of mail fraud.

According to the U.S. attorney, Palmatier was the bookkeeper at “Custom Machining” in Great Bend. Authorities say she took advantage of her position to steal $95,000, using company checks to pay her own bills. She also made personal charges on the company credit card, according to prosecutors.

Court documents indicate the fraud occurred between January 2009 and December 2014.

Palmatier has agreed to plead guilty at her arraignment in federal court.


  • Sheila

    What I find interesting is that she’s only getting charged w 1 count of fraud, even tho she did it over and over again in a 5 year period. Who’d she pay?

  • Bill K.

    Stole $95,000 over a five year period. How did she get away with this for five years? I’ll tell you. NO auditing. NO separation of duties. NO checks and balances. How was she able to write a check without two signatures? I know. the company was too cheap to hire an auditor. Auditing isn’t rocket science. I’ve done it before for some Churches. I don’t know how big this company is. Bur for a small company you don’t need to hire a CPA. The company shares some of the blame. Management shouldn’t have allowed this to go on as long as it did. The company has substandard accounting procedures in place. And if you dig deeper they probably operate many other business aspects on a substandard basis. YES, she did steal. Yes, it was all her idea. But the company has a duty to protect it’s assets. I bet they lock the doors at night to keep thieves out. They should follow generally accepted accounting principals too.

    • rebeccantsproductionscom

      I totally agree. The timing of the fraud is interesting, too, starting in January and ending in December, almost like she knew there would be no auditing of those fiscal years. It can be expensive to pay for audits, but in this case, the cost of the audits would have been very small in comparison to the amount of money stolen.

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