Supermarket Sweep for a Good Cause

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KELLY TOWNSHIP -- The big prize in a contest in central Pennsylvania was a supermarket sweep where the winner could take home whatever he could grab in two minutes.

But that winner from Mifflinburg didn't keep all that free food for himself; he donated it to a good cause.

Dan Huston of Mifflinburg was off and running during what he describes as the fastest two minutes of his life. Huston ran up and down the aisles at Weis Markets near Lewisburg on a supermarket sweep.

He had two minutes to grab as many groceries as possible.

"Trying to keep focused and knowing where I needed to go because when you're in a hurry, everything kind of blurs together," Huston said.

Huston donated money to the Greater Susquehanna Valley United Way. He was put in a raffle and this was his prize. The two-minute shopping spree was paid for by Pepsi.

But instead of taking all of these groceries home, Huston donated them to Geisinger Health System's food pantry.

"It was just absolutely amazing and it was very humbling also that somebody would actually give so much," said Corinne Klose of Geisinger Health System.

Huston is an employee at a Geisinger clinic and saw the need.

"Instantly I thought what am I going to do with groceries, other than it's my wife and I. My kids are all grown up," he said.

"For us, it's full circle. This is really close to the mission and this is really what it's all about," said Joanne Troutman, Greater Susquehanna Valley United Way.

As an added bonus, Pepsi donated $1,500 in Weis Markets gift cards to the food pantry.

"I had tears in my eyes. I honestly did," said Klose.  "This will benefit these people so much."

When it came time to reveal the grand total, Huston grabbed more than $500 in groceries for the food pantry.

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