Missing Former Federal Judge Found in Lackawanna County

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DUNMORE -- A former federal judge who went missing nearly 48 hours ago has been safely recovered Thursday night in Lackawanna County.

92-year-old former Federal Judge Edwin Kosik disappeared two days ago near his home in Daleville, but as of Thursday evening, he is safe and sound.

Police escorted the ambulance carrying the retired judge out of a wooded area off of Tigue Street in Dunmore after 7:30 p.m. Thursday evening, transporting him to the hospital for medical evaluation.

"Tonight, I have some good news," said U.S. Marshal Martin Pane. "I can tell you that Judge Kosik has been found, he is alive, and he's been transported to one of the regional hospitals in Scranton, and is what I would classify as doing well."

Kosik was last seen on surveillance video leaving Bill's ShopRite near Daleville, however, the grocery store's camera shows the judge turning in the opposite direction of his home in Covington Township.

U.S. Marshal Pane says two young men walking through the woods found the judge's car around 6:30 p.m. Thursday, and proceeded to call 911.

Once authorities arrived, they immediately secured the area and treated it as a crime scene -- calling in a search dog to assist with the rescue.

"That K-9 immediately hit on the scent," said Pane. "And a little bit of a distance away from the vehicle, went right to where the judge was."

Pane says the judge was awake and talking, and he seemed aware of the people around him.

"Essentially, he did recognize me," he said. "He commented that 'Marty, you cut your hair.' I used to have some hair on my head, but..." Pane quipped.

At this time, the area where the car was found is still considered a crime scene. Pane says the investigation into what happened to Judge Kosik is ongoing, including where he was for those two days.

"We've very thankful to the two young men who saw the vehicle, happened to be in the area, and fortunately, as a result of their efforts, that's why we stand here today with a positive story," Pane added.

When asked if the Marshals believe Kosik was in the woods the entire time, Pane told Newswatch 16, "that's an excellent question, it's possible that he has been there for a little while."


  • Andrew

    Wonder why no one has mentioned what appears to be a huge crack in the windshield, looks like a body hit it.

  • Manditory retirement ages for judges

    Maybe it’s time to admit that a 92 year old should not be ruling on life changing cases as of 60 days ago.

    • Thomas

      Why? Ive come across some 90 yr olds that are as sharp or sharper then i am. Age is just a number and if you can do your job correctly, why should you be forced to retire?

      • Sam I Am

        But he was on Medication for memory loss, How would you like this judge to forget portions of the legal system if he was presiding over your or a family members case !!
        Now with this info of being on medication, it’s very possible that his ruling on a case can be dismissed.

  • Matthew

    Maybe it’s time to admit that a 92 year old should not have been driving. Luckily he was found safe and no one else was hurt. There’s just certain things you shouldn’t be doing at that age.

  • I Am The Antipope

    Why are US Marshals involved in this?

    He is retired, a private citizen, he isn’t even an ex-US President.

    Why does he get special treatment?

    • Graduate

      If you had paid attention in school you would know that once a person is appointed a federal judge, they are a federal judge for life… even in retirement. Furthermore, if you knew anything about the US Marshals service, you would know that they are tasked with protecting the federal judiciary. But you are obviously an moron.

      • larry sherman

        “But you are obviously an moron.” I’m pretty sure if you paid attention, you would know it’s “a moron”, not “an moron”, ya moron.

      • Juan Motime

        Sir or Madam, it is so nice to read comments from educated people such as yourself. The dolts and trolls who frequent this message board are morons. They no nothing about reality and probably did not make is past 6th grade. Thanks so much for your comments.

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