Learning to Use Energy Saving Techniques in the Workplace

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HONESDALE -- Lunching and learning, about energy efficiency.

It's what brought this group of businesses and non-profit organizations together at The Cooperage in Honesdale.

The topic of discussion?  Implementing green technology in the workplace.

"Everyone will learn things that they can take back and apply immediately," said Jocelyn Cramer, SEEDS Executive Director.

Two energy saving organizations, SEEDS based out of Honesdale and Sustainable Energy Fund, based out of Allentown, met with several groups to discuss energy efficiency, energy conservation, and energy usage in buildings.

Tina Hoehan from the Wayne County YMCA cam to learn how she can go green and save green along the way.

"I am extremely passionate about it and the Y of course is but it's one thing I am really big on. I think it's important for us to be green and to help our community and whole world be a better place to live," said Tina Hoehan, Wayne County YMCA.

According to organizers, there are many places within the workplace these businesses and organizations can save.

A few examples, from florescent lighting to LED lighting as well as investing in greener cooling and heating systems.

President of Sustainable Energy Fund, John Costlow, says those savings can go a long way.

"There is now equipment available that instead of being 75-percent efficient, it's now 97-percent efficient. So there are lots of ways people can do it and do it cost effectively," said John Costlow, Sustainable Energy Fund President.

In addition to teaching, the Sustainable Energy Fund is also to help. Any non-profit organization that wants to become a little "greener" can enter a contest for a full energy makeover. For information on how to apply, click here.

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