Downtown Nanticoke Awarded Money for Revitalization Project

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NANTICOKE -- More than $3 million is on its way to Luzerne County thanks to some casino money grants. About $500,000 of that money is going to Downtown Nanticoke for a revitalization project.

Dr. Dale Reams bought his storefront in Downtown Nanticoke for a chiropractic business nearly 30 years ago. Back then, he thought it was a steal.

“Everything was occupied in this block except this particular location, which caught my eye when I moved in here in the late 80s,” Dr. Reams said.

However, most of those businesses have moved out or folded up.

“I didn't think it would come down to myself and the pizza shop, which is basically what it is,” Dr. Reams said.

However, city officials said there is hope for Downtown Nanticoke’s future.  Its revitalization program was awarded $478,198 on Wednesday from a casino money grant.

Interim city manager Donna Wall said the money will be used to beautify older buildings, plant bushes, and add light posts from Walnut Street down to Prospect Street.

“I don't think without this we could ever attract new businesses or anybody to downtown,” Wall said.

City officials said out of the three blocks in downtown Nanticoke, 13 of the 15 storefronts are vacant.

They hope this money will bring in more foot traffic from nearby community college students and attract more business owners to open up shop.

Some have already invested in its future. Cool Beanz opened up in the downtown area in January.

“I have a feeling that more people are going to start coming in so I haven't given up hope yet,” Cool Beanz business member Tiffany DeJesus said.

Staples in the community are seeing this through.

“I’m staying here as long as I can,” Dr. Reams said.

City officials said the project will begin this summer and it will take years to wrap up.


  • gilroyadmin

    My family was raised in Nanticoke. Over 30 plus years we saw a lot of changes. The college campus has grown tremendously. There are small businesses there that wouldn’t have made it ten years ago. The elementary school campus has been cleaned and improved. Two young families now rent the home we vacated and love it. The Sanitary Bakery is still going strong. The wonderful Mill Library is still there-my children loved the programs they hosted. Nebo Baptist Church among others still has their awesome vacation Bible school program. I got my associates degree in commercial art at the college. My daughter tells me you can now get a decent cup of cafe coffee there. I wouldn’t count this town out-it will continue to grow as a college town at least. It takes families who want to stay and vision for a small town to thrive. I think it will. Oh, Dr. Reams was our chiropractor for years. I no longer in the area but I was glad to read this article.

  • laura

    unless they legalize heroin the county and whatever idiots decided to give this money to nanticoke just threw it away. people do not want to shop in nanticoke no matter how much you improve the “look”. it’s a ghetto no amount of money will change that

      • Patrick

        So… then what are you and Laura suggesting? Just let it go, decay even further? It’s not a ghetto, Laura. I have seen Ghettos, this ain’t it; at least not yet. Not everyone in all of Nanticoke could possibly be a heroin addict (Think about it.). As far as the money, Nanticoke isn’t exactly an upscale Park Avenue type community; tax wise anyway… but they try as best as they can with what they have to work with, (Including the politicians.) and still manage to patch a few pot-holes along the way and plow the streets in winter. Oh, and they pick up the garbage too; which is yes and for the most part placed out in trash cans each week. Much of Nanticoke seems to take pride in their homes and lawns.
        Even in these financaily troubled times. most of the people seem to buy a bottle of Mr. Clean before the bag of heroin.
        Just out of curiosity,where might yous be casting the first stone from?

      • laura

        weekly drug overdoses….sometimes daily. people will not bring businesses to nanticoke nor is there the income to support a business

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