Bridge Replacement Project Begins in Lycoming County

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CASCADE TOWNSHIP -- For decades, there was a bridge over Salt Run Stream along Wallis Run Road near Proctor. That was until October, when the massive flooding reduced it down to a pile of dirt.

"The stream rose way above it's bank level, even into where we are standing now," said Matthew Smith, the Foreman for Don W. Bower Incorporated. "It just eroded the foundation to a point where it just collapsed."

Now, months later, neighbors are still cleaning up and repairing their own properties, all the while waiting for roads and bridges like this one to be replaced.

This week, the group from Don E. Bower Inc. in Berwick began the million dollar project to replace the washed out bridge, which PennDOT expects to be finished by July. Until then, drivers in the region will still need to take the detour.

"It adds maybe 15 minutes to and from their trip to Williamsport," said Smith.

For drivers in the area like Jimmy Campbell, it can cause a headache.

"It's an inconvenience," said Campbell, of Gamble Township. "If you want to get to Proctor, it's an inconvenience that way over to can't get that unless you want to go up and around."

The bridge project isn't the only road closure in this area -- if you were to head down Wallis Run Road in the other direction, drivers will find another road block.

"The road that's out down here that's the worst part," added Campbell. "The road being out just have to go the long way around anymore."

Other residents agree.

"You can't go because the road slid down and it's just a perch," said Bob Logue, also of Gamble Township. "If you drive along the edge there you could actually slide down into the creek and it's about 100 feet."]

PennDOT tells Newswatch 16 that the second bridge over Wallis Run should be replaced by November in Lycoming County.



  • TypicalHippy

    Uh excuse me, but that flood, caused by the fracking none the less, release like a gazillion tons of oil into the creek at Wallis Run. Shut down all the roads and return the whole area to nature man!

    • TypicalLiberal

      You’ve got that right. Go Green!
      Of course this is another fine example of white privilege too. States willing to spend money for a bridge so these white people can get home, but wont spend the money to give #BLM all the stuff they demand.

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