Ambulances Called After Kids Have Trouble Breathing At Kalahari Resort

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TOBYHANNA TOWNSHIP -- What was supposed to be a fun day at Kalahari Resort in the Poconos turned into a nightmare for a group of youngsters and their families Thursday.

"We got on the ride and after the first drop, my friend started hacking and through the whole thing I was coughing and once I got off, I didn't feel so good,” said nine-year old Roman Moss of Stillwater.

Ambulances called for kids with difficulty breathing Thursday afternoon.

Roman Moss was one of about 10 kids who had trouble breathing.

The kids were at the indoor water park and had gone on a water coaster with flumes and enclosed tunnels.

"My son here went on the Anaconda ride and when he came off, there was a lot of coughing and hard to breathe. He's still having some breathing problems, but we're watching him closely and hopefully it will resolve on its own,” said Charlotte Moss of Stillwater.

The youngsters were taken to a first aid center and ambulances were called.

Parents say some kids were taken to a local hospital.

"They were coughing and we went over to find out what was going on because my son was one of them and it turns out the chlorine levels were really high,” said Kerilynn Frey of Stillwater.

"One of our youngest did get rashes from the water, I'm assuming chlorine. And as we were leaving, we did notice a couple kids get nauseous from the fumes, I think it was the chlorine, the smell of the chemicals they were using,” said one father, who did not want his name used.

Kalahari resort officials say they are investigating exactly what led to the problems.

"You come here to have you know, some fun and make good memories and we certainly have memories, but we're headed home early because of it,” said Frey.


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