The Mining Life in Pictures

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The good old days were not always that good and there are pictures to prove it. Mike Stevens takes us On The Pennsylvania Road to Union County to take a look at a few.


  • E

    Wow what a cover photo! An uneducated alcoholic with teeth missing and a cigarette hanging from his lip. Things haven’t changed one bit in the coal region, looks like the majority of NEPA locals I’ve met in my life whether it be a male or female. 😂

      • E

        Ha ha! And? Do you have a point or is that the most intelligent response you can come up with? Thank you for helping make MY point about uneducated locals. Lol.

    • john williams

      Hey Mr E- i wish i could throw you into a hell hole of a job and force you to work like a slave without any health insurance to support your family. thats what miners did, anything they had to do to put food on the table and to provide a home for their families.

    • pa. coal slaves

      Bring it back to West Virginia and Kentucky, NOT Pennsylvania! Pa. people are too dumb to re-learn the profitabilities of the business. I mean come on now, just look at Schuylkill county for God’s sake.

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