Northumberland County Prothonotary Facing Charges After Scholarship Fund Theft

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SUNBURY — The prothonotary of Northumberland County is now facing charges of perjury after he allegedly took $1,800 from a scholarship fund for his own personal use.

Justin Dunkelberger, 39, of Northumberland, was charged Wednesday afternoon by the state Attorney General’s office with three counts of perjury. These charges come after Dunkelberger allegedly refused to report a sum of $1,800 that he withdrew from the Lockcuff Memorial Scholarship Fund for his own political aspirations.

Two deposits from that scholarship fund — $800 on May 15, 2013, and $1,000 on June 6, 2013 — were then deposited into the “Friends of Justin Dunkelberger” account, used for his political campaign.

Dunkelberger was initially charged with three felony theft charges, which have since been reduced to a misdemeanor.

Dunkelberger still serves as the county’s prothonotary, since the charges were neither related to office nor was the money originally taxpayer dollars.

Due to the fact that he is an elected official, not a county employee, he was not able to be dismissed by the county commissioners.

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  • seen it all

    What a load , CROOKS can’t be removed , Yet the story points out it is tied to his POLITICALFUNDING , I suppose for his pursuits of a more corruptable position or the same one?

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