Milford Residents Bracing for Chaos as Eric Frein’s Death Penalty Trial Less Than a Week Away

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MILFORD -- In the idyllic community of Milford, it's the calm before the chaos.

With the start of death penalty trial for accused cop killer Eric Frein less than a week away at the Pike County Courthouse, residents are just bracing for the circus to arrive.

“I'm leaving town,” laughed Nanette Stewart.

“Traffic is probably going to crazy in here,” added Frank Navarro.

“Unfortunately, it will take up a lot of time and resources and the town will be a zoo,” said Doug Jacobs.

The national media descended on Monroe County during the 48-day manhunt for Frein after he allegedly ambushed the Blooming Grove State Police Barracks in September 2014, killing Corporal Bryon Dickson and wounding Trooper Alex Douglass.

People here expect to see the same amount of news coverage for Frein's trial, if not more.

“Traffic, a lot more people in town, it will be congested with the newscasters and stuff, they`re going to have to manage that,” said Janet Johnson, the owner of Enchanted Gifts and Books.

“I remember what it was when they had the arraignment for the case,” said Jacobs. “And up and down the street was filled with satellite trucks from places I didn't even know existed, places all through New York, Philly, Harrisburg, everywhere.”

Security is expected to be high at the courthouse.

Some wonder if sheer curiosity will drive onlookers to Milford.

“I don't know what the judge is deciding to allow the public in,” said Jacobs. “We only have one courtroom and I'm sure they've been a lot more people who would like to be there than there'll be room for.”

Some business owners are taking a positive approach that this trial will bring an influx of people to Milford, saying they may be able to catch some new customers.


    • EricLover3.0

      Sounds like a great idea. Do you know a place that could do them cheap? I would be willingly to go in as partner with you (if you are looking for one). Maybe we could make little flags too? Mouse pads, coffee mugs? Oohhh I’m getting a little excited….

    • EricLover3.0

      Michael, I couldn’t agree more. First of all, Eric was not on a manhunt to kill all cops. He had plenty of opportunities to do so. This area so messed up. They have no excitement so they need to add drama to the community to take away from the crap that really happens within the walls of the barracks. If people really knew how PSP treated people it would make you sick. You would NOT be wearing PSP strong shirts. This whole “manhunt” for Eric was so frigging ridiculous. They even had to plant evidence to make themselves look better. How many times did we hear, “We are closing in.” PSP was and still is a running joke.

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