Lakeland School District to Undergo Renovations

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SCOTT TOWNSHIP -- While the school year winds down, one district in Lackawanna County is gearing up for a multi-million dollar renovation project.

The Lakeland School District is planning improvements at all three of its schools and the areas marked for overhaul haven't been touched since they were initially constructed nearly 40 years ago.

And for some senior members of the Lakeland High School's drama club, the improvements to the auditorium have been a long time coming.

"When people are on stage and people are sitting in broken chairs it's kind of hard to focus because your chair's broken," said Adrianna Vilgos, a Lakeland senior. "Or you can't hear because the sound system's not that great quality. So, you know, having the new things will make it more exciting."

That auditorium, along with the boys and girls locker rooms, are on a long list of school spaces slated to get a face-lift this summer.

"One of the biggest improvements that's happening is our sound system, which is really important to us because we're putting on these shows and we want to make sure everyone can understand what we're saying and what we're doing on stage," said senior Molly Fawcett.

The district is also planning to add new flooring in all three of Lakeland's school buildings as part of the $6.7 million renovation project set to start as soon as summer break hits.

Mayfield Elementary School is slated to see some of the most significant improvements including a new roof, new outdoor lighting, and air conditioning in the classrooms.

Lakeland's Superintendent said that the district made a "wish list," so to speak, back in 2012.

"These are some of the things that are on that list, and we've been revisiting that list annually to determine things we can or cannot do, you know, in the upcoming year based on what`s on that list," said Superintendent Scott Jeffery.

These graduating seniors may not reap the benefits of the renovations to their school, but there is one benefit they are seeing already.

"I think it just helps you take pride in your school a little bit more when it looks nice," said senior Kayla Burns.


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