Driver Smashes into Window at Carbondale Business

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CARBONDALE — A business in Lackawanna County was damaged when a driver smashed into a window Wednesday morning.

An elderly driver hit a window at Kost Tire in Carbondale, smashing the window, according to the fire chief.

It is unclear why the SUV she was driving hit the window that was in front of the counter.

No one was hurt.

At this point, it doesn’t appear that there’s any structural damage to the building.


  • Meh

    “An elderly driver”. sigh…. when will someone enact a law to address the FACT that after a certain age people need to be re-qualified to operate motor vehicles every so often?

    • JP

      My mom is 87 and still drives. She is totally capable medically and mentally so making everyone at a certain age won’t work. Any person could be fine today and have a impairment the next. Since my mom has been driving she has never had an accident, knock on wood.

      • sure thing

        wow good for your mom. I guess she sets the standard for all other moms out there. everyone should just be like ms. JP

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