Jury Selected to Hear Frein Trooper Shooting Case

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UPDATE WEDNESDAY: The trial of Eric Frein is set to begin on Tuesday, April 4, according to the district attorney.

WEST CHESTER, PA -- Jury selection in Chester County for the trial of accused killer Eric Frein is complete, according to the Pike County district attorney.

Frein is accused of the ambush shooting of two state troopers in Pike County in 2014, leaving one trooper dead and another severely wounded. Frein then led authorities on a 48-day manhunt.

Seven women and five men make up that jury, along with six alternates.

Testimony could last up to five weeks and two more for the penalty phase, if needed. All jurors would be required to stay in the Milford area of Pike County Monday through Friday to hear the case.

Newswatch 16 has learned prosecutors plan to include photos of the crime scene and autopsy at trial. Evidence may also include computer generated animation.

Meanwhile, defense attorneys have asked that any law enforcement officers not wear their uniforms if they come to watch the trial, so as not to risk intimidating the jury.

A Pike County judge still also has to decide how much, if any, of a taped confession should be allowed in court.

It's not clear how many witnesses are expected to testify at Frein's trial, but one of them may be Trooper Alex Douglass., who survived the attack.

Frein is charged with first-degree murder of a law enforcement officer, and if convicted, prosecutors will ask the jury for the death penalty.


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