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Four Teens Charged With Burglary Offenses For Multiple Thefts

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DUNMORE -- State police in Dunmore say Nicholas Hnatusko, 19, of Jefferson Township; Louis Florio, 19, of Madison Township; Sean Shearin, 18, of Madison Township; and 18-year-old Tristan Parris, 18, of Tannersville; are all charged with burglary offenses in connection to thefts that took place on three separate occasions last year.

Lewis Gardner says he's one of the victims.

“It seems like they're just kids looking probably for drug money,” said Gardner.

Police say Hnatusko and Florio broke into Gardner's house in Spring Brook Township sometime between August 3 and August 6 and stole his safe, which contained two handguns, money, and personal items.

“They only went for the safe, so they were probably just looking for money,” said Gardner. “But luckily, there was not that much money in but just the things I wanted back were my guns.”

Investigators say the night of September 23, Hnatusko and Florio stole two dirt bikes from homes in Jefferson Township and Spring Brook Township as well as Paul Bocan's ATV from his home in Spring Brook Township.

“I came home from temple where my daughter's at school and I looked in the garage the next day and the quad was gone and they had to move a couple things to get to that quad, it wasn't easy,” said Bocan.

Finally, police say the night of December 10, Hnatusko, Shearin, and Parris went on a burglary spree, stealing items from unlocked vehicles in several communities.

Police say vehicles were hit on Buena Vista Drive in Covington Township, Harmony Hills in Moscow, Meadowlark Drive in Madison Township, Glenmaura development in Moosic and at Shelby Casey's home in Jefferson Heights in Jefferson Township.

“I came out in the morning and the doors were open, so I was like, 'who would leave the doors open?'” said Casey. “So I looked around and noticed that they had jumble through everything, I think they took my GPS from my truck.”

State police say the stolen ATV is valued at $8,500 and the total value of the items taken from those vehicles added up to more than $9,000.


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