Bumpy Ride Again on Viewmont Drive

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DICKSON CITY -- Winter and normal wear and tear have taken their toll on many roads around here but especially on a busy one in Lackawanna County.

Viewmont Drive near the mall is a treacherous spot to drive until a fix comes along.

Take a ride on Viewmont Drive and you may feel it more than most other stretches of road. The entire mile is littered with potholes; some are one layer deep, others more.

Mark Paczewski is sales manager at Gibbons Ford in Dickson City. The dealership only moved to the area of the Viewmont Mall early last year. Paczewski and other drivers have certainly taken notice of the condition of Viewmont Drive.

"The second snowfall, the road opened up and it's become a nightmare," Paczewski said.

Cars and trucks have to deal with massive pieces of macadam missing, swerving in and out of their lane of traffic, all until a fix is done.

"They're going very slow and they're also curving into the oncoming lane to avoid the potholes, a bit of a hazard," Paczewski added.

This busy road is the responsibility of the owner of the mall, a multi-million dollar company that for years now has patched the problem spots every spring.

And drivers are not very pleased.

"It's a rollercoaster out there. It's a shame, such a busy area. I'd like to think they have the money for it but I don't know," said one driver.

"It's ridiculous. It's been this way for months. I don't know why they don't pave it and do something with it," another driver said.

"It really needs to probably be done the right way this time. It's the third, fourth year it's been like this. They should probably do it the right way," said Paczewski.

The owners of the Viewmont Mall say they do plan to make more extensive repairs to Viewmont Drive this year than have been done recently.


  • Spend The Money For Crying Out Loud!!

    STOP Blaming the Elements for the Potholes!! There are plenty of smooth roads here within the community that see the same traffic patterns and elements year round that do not have one pothole open up.
    SPEND THE MONEY and pave it the correct way. Sorry, but 1 inch is NOT DEEP ENOUGH!!
    These pavers mill these streets at a shallow depth and then owners wonder why it comes up?? Well, go down deeper, 6 inchces at least..the pavers need a job..youre just the stupid one that continues to hire them to do a bad job!!

  • Sasquatch

    Ole governor wolf should be proud and his slogan should be “MAKE PENNSYLVANIA GREAT AGAIN” you can’t blame me I voted for the other guy !!!!!!


    Ordered a salad with Ranch dressing for lunch today. It came out with Russian dressing… Who should I blame for this?

  • hugh mungus

    Name one road in PA that isn’t bumpy! If they were smart they’d legalize pot and then they’d have all the money they need to repave every decrepit road and bridge in the state.

    • E

      Ha ha ha! Typical NEPA delusional local. There are plenty of communities in Pa. with beautiful roads. For example some of the beautiful suburbs around the Pittsburgh area or the entire State College area. The roads here in State College are as smooth as glass, in fact I haven’t struck a pothole since I moved out of your pathetic slum years ago. I bet you’re one of those local yokles “it happens everywhere”, “it happens everywhere”. Lol no it doesn’t. The roads in NEPA perfectly reflect what the locals are and how they behave, damaged and disgusting.

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