Downtown Parking Kiosks a Hit in Stroudsburg

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STROUDSBURG -- Running to fill the meter with quarters is a thing of the past for Anthony and Joanna Corigliano who live on Main Street in Stroudsburg, and it's all thanks to an electronic parking meter.

"It's pretty cool and it saves you from having to dig in your car for quarters because now it takes debit and credit cards, the whole works, so it's cool," said Anthony Corigliano.

"I like it. The greatest thing for us is that I leave at like 6 in the morning before him, so if he's home or something, I can put in time and it will start at 9 and go for five hours or whatever," said Joanna Corigliano.

The borough installed two electronic parking kiosks at the beginning of the year -- one at a Main Street lot, and another at a lot on Sixth Street.

All you have to do is put in your card or change and your parking space number.

The machines are a hit with drivers.

"It's pretty helpful because sometimes you don't have cash on you and they take a card. They even have the chip," said Kitav Moore, Stroudsburg.

For those opting to use traditional change, it's only a quarter an hour to park. For those who want to use a debit or credit card, you're going to pay for that convenience because it's 50 cents an hour to park. Those we spoke to don't mind paying a little extra.

"I mean, we generally have quarters except for right now because it is cheaper, but this works," said Corigliano.

Some people think the kiosks might decrease the number of parking tickets that are written out, especially since you can fill the meter right from your smartphone.

"It saves and it's good for the parking attendants, too, because they can just see who is overdue and put the tickets out and it's good. It's also a lot quicker than the other way they had," said Corigliano.

According to the mayor of Stroudsburg, the plan is to add more of these kiosks to the downtown parking scene very soon.

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