Cleanup to Begin at Former Social Club

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EAST STROUDSBURG -- Some people in East Stroudsburg are wondering when the former CLU Club will be torn down. The well-known place on South Courtland Street was destroyed by flames two weeks ago.

Officials say demolition work will begin soon. The weather caused a hold up in the demolition and also delayed talks about possibly trying to save the social hall.

We spoke to people who live nearby who hope to see some cleanup soon.

Seeing what's left of the former CLU Club is not a view Norman Scott likes waking up to in the morning.

The place was destroyed by flames two weeks ago and work to clean up the mess is scheduled to begin soon.

"It's going to take some time because there's a lot," said Scott. "There's still water leaking in there because you can hear it. Every time I walk past, you can hear it dripping here and there. But I walk around and make sure no one messes with it."

The fire on March 13 started in the club's bar area. Then flames made their way to the social hall next door. It has been taped off ever since.

Marv Walton is the borough's zoning and code enforcement officer. He says winter weather and some back and forth with forensic architects have caused the cleanup holdup.

"You secure it as best as you can. We taped it off and we ordered the sidewalk to be closed in that vicinity so it's vital that it be done as soon as possible," said Walton.

Because of all the damage, the wooden side will definitely have to be demolished. Demolishing the brick side is still up in the air. Either way, people we spoke to hope to see it cleaned up soon, especially since the weather has picked up.

Gary Fish from East Stroudsburg walks South Courtland Street often. He has some safety concerns.

"Eventually someone could get hurt, a homeless person or a kid or whatever. But it should be torn down as soon as possible and made to look better before summer," Fish said.

According to borough officials, cleanup can begin as early as next week.

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