City Honors Snow Shovelers

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SCRANTON -- A family in part of Scranton gave the city a helping hand shoveling during the snowstorm earlier this month and on Monday, they were commended by the city for their efforts.

Solana and Diora Franklin received good citizen awards from Scranton Mayor Bill Courtright at Scranton Northeast Intermediate School.

When the blizzard dumped two feet of snow on the city two weeks ago, the girls and their brother Demetrius, a fifth-grader at John Adams, shoveled snow from places around Scranton.

"It was very admirable of them. When most people were complaining, they wanted to do something to help," said Mayor Courtright.

Not only did the girls and their brother offer to shovel snow, they walked a mile from Capouse Avenue just to ask the mayor if it was OK.

"I wanted to shovel the abandon houses and the sidewalks," said Diora Franklin.

Robert Butka is the principal at Northeast Intermediate School. He says the girls' effort to shovel during this storm shows the students are really taking what they learn in the classroom to heart.

"We have a thing where they need to do the right thing every day. It's called the 'Panther Pledge' and the pledge is recited and says a positive role model does the right thing every day."

Mayor Courtright agrees and hopes these awards set an example for other kids in the district.

"This shows the youth of our city, how good they are, and they are willing to help when things get tough."

School officials plan to hold a special ceremony for the girls and their brother.


  • Bobby Klimash

    I think the actual people or person responsible for stopping the bingo games at that senior center should be interviewed in person.Let them explain the reasoning behind it.I’ll bet that they will not agree to an interview.

  • mm1227

    Isn’t there something else that should be recited every day in school. What ever happened to the students standing and pleading allegiance to the FLAG. Why is being a proud american so bad in the eyes of all the lefty run schools from elementary through the universities. Lets get back to when America was great.

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