Building Collapse Prompts Emergency Demolition in Pottsville

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POTTSVILLE -- Some people living along South Third Street in Pottsville say they felt it and they heard it: a partial collapse as 124 South Third Street came crumbling down.

"I could feel the vibrations in my house. (It's) amazing the porch didn't collapse with it,” said Stephen Weiss.

City officials say the property has been vacant for years. It's on the list of blighted properties to be demolished.

"It's been an eyesore for about 20 years. It's about time they take it down. All the neighbors are very, very happy,” said Stephen Weiss of Pottsville.

The head of Pottsville code enforcement says the building has a badly damaged roof, and the recent blizzard allowed lots of snow and moisture inside, likely leading to the collapse.

Lynda Reber grew up in the home. It belonged to her grandfather.

“It hurts a little bit. It’s the house I grew up in. It kind of sucks, but it is what it is. Life goes on," she said tearfully.

No one's been injured by the collapse, but to keep it that way, city officials have blocked off that part of the street and ordered an emergency demolition.

"It's an eyesore. Who knows when it's going to fall or how it's going to fall. Are the bricks going to go first? Is that going to go first? You never know,” said Tiffany Steckel of Pottsville.

City officials tell Newswatch 16 there are 28 blighted buildings like this one in the city of Pottsville that have to be taken down.

Some in Pottsville want quicker action.

"It obviously needs to come down, and there's a lot more property that should come down. I mean, it would definitely improve neighborhoods,” said Frank Spitler of Pottsville.

In the fall, city leaders say a building on Laurel Boulevard collapsed and had to be torn down immediately.

The collapsing building on South Third Street is on the same block as a parking garage that was closed because of crumbling reinforcement inside.

"If you walk around or drive around, you do see a lot of that. It is a beautiful city. It is sad. I wish they would take more pride in this city, and if they would see these buildings that are falling down, maybe get them before they get to that point where they might hurt somebody,” said Regina Sefing of Pottsville.

According to the head of code enforcement for the city, the demolition will begin Tuesday and should take two or three days.


  • Tomtom

    Nobody was hurt. That’s the main story. Hopefully by working together, the problems will be resolved. I’ll pray for all involved.

  • Dirty Town..

    Drive through Pottsville..Its disgusting and depressing. It looks like an old town no one lives in. Its certainly not lively nor is it somewhere I would want to live. I think this city needs a lot more than just 1 building to demolish..I would start with EVERY abandoned building..

    • Muhamed Algowboom

      We were the first world for a long time… leading science through the dark ages will Europe sat suppressed by the church. My village was destroyed in an airstrike… I miss my goat wife

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