Accused Murderer to be Brought Back from Argentina

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HEMLOCK TOWNSHIP -- An accused murderer is being brought back to our area to face the charges against him.

Law enforcement officials confirm to Newswatch 16 that murder suspect Anthony Rocco Franklin will be returned to Columbia County to face charges.

Franklin is accused murdering of his son-in-law Frank Spencer in  2012. He's been fighting extradition from Argentina for more than two years.

Franklin's daughter, Maria Sanutti-Spencer has already been convicted for her role in the murder.


  • Writer Girl

    Glad these stupid foreigners are finally realizing that they can’t come here and do anything they want, then go home, and think they got away with something. It’s just a shame we have to pay for his jail time now. We really need to do something about situations like this. Let their countries pick up the bill, for instance.

    • Writer Girl

      We don’t want him, either, but he needs to pay if he helped kill someone. Maybe he can bunk with his daughter, till they both rot in hell.

  • RicU.

    Argentina, rumored to be the home of the top Nazis, is now suffering from runaway inflation, nothing new there, and crime. I bet he wants to come back. So, we oblige.

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