Stuck Truck Draws Ire from Residents

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PITTSTON TOWNSHIP -- A tractor trailer driving on a closed road became stuck and caused a headache for neighbors in Luzerne County. It's not the first time this has happened, and residents are fed up.

Residents tell Newswatch 16 trucks have been coming up Suscon Road even though signs say the road is closed.

A tow truck had to come free the truck after the driver tried to make a turn and got stuck along Suscon Road in Pittston Township.

The road, which goes over Interstate 81, has been closed since earlier this month due to structural problems.

Residents tell Newswatch 16 not only do trucks continue to get stuck, but they also are causing property damage.

"They have been knocking over mailboxes, mine and the neighbors. My biggest concern is when they come up this hill and get stuck, they end up blocking the road," said John Fagotti of Pittston Township.

No one was hurt. Police have not said if the driver will be cited.

A detour is posted. PennDOT plans send out crews on Monday to see if extra signs are needed.


  • Sam I Am

    Simple solution
    Sign should read
    Road closed to Industrial Park
    Oh yeah and provide the detour with the usual Black / Blue / Red detour signs like everywhere else

  • Here to there logistics

    The stupids can’t read a simple ‘road closed’ sign. That’s what happens when you hire drifters, addicts and ex-cons as drivers. The industry attracts all the best of the best. A bunch of pathetic creepy loners.

    • jerry goyne

      The trucking industry is probably one of the most regulated industries around, Not all of us are bad; You want stuff we bring it . What would you do if we weren’t out there away from our families to get you the things you want.

  • Matthew

    They used to do that at the airport for years. Half of them didn’t speak English yet they possess a CDL.

    • troutlover

      Its disgusting how may total morons are behind the wheel of these big rigs! Did this moron come down the mountain that has these trucks prohibited. They tell the police that their GPS told them to take this route! I’d sue the trucking company for all damages!

      • Garrett

        Haha funny, you don’t seem to see how retarded most normal drivers are, you’ve got a freaking infotainment system in your dash, you text while driving, you cut off other vehicles because you’re dumb and impatient. Stupidity on the road goes both ways, we’ve got a few whack jobs behind the wheels of these rigs, but there are literally millions of you that have no business ever being behind the wheel of any car/truck/van/SUV. Sit down and shut up, you’re community can’t even exist without us.

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