Rep. Cartwright on Health Care Vote

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DUPONT -- After President Trump requested that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan pull the American Health Care Act before a scheduled vote, the future of health care in the US is up in the air.

Newswatch 16 caught up with Democratic Congressman Matt Cartwright during Dupont's centennial celebration Saturday night in Luzerne County.

His appearance comes on the heels of the Republicans' failed attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare.

For the congressman, that's an encouraging sign for the future that both sides can get closer to a better deal.

"Can we improve Obamacare in a bipartisan fashion? I think we can," said Rep. Cartwright. "I think a lot of the moderate Republicans are coming around to understand that the people want the Affordable Care Act to work. They just want to make sure it works for everybody. It doesn't unfairly penalize one group over another and keeps our hospitals and our doctors above water financially so they can continue to help us with our health care."

Even after Friday's inability to strike a deal, President Trump claims a health care plan can still be put together.



    “Big Bird is off the table” -Donald J. Trump 2017. Followed by a shrill reeeeeeeeeee. Good news is that he is afraid of stairs and the Lollipop Guild from The Wizard of Oz, -courtesy of CNN. Cuz they can’t, they won’t and they don’t stop. Never rock the mice with a pantyhose, I strap my ear goggles and I’m ready to go. Pull up the function? Ad Rock come and rock the sure shot. The “news” literally makes less sense than Beastie Boys lyrics at this point. Bravo

  • goose

    Some of you might be ascared to type “Russia” on your keyboards. The truth is that they are beating us here and they have a 13% flat tax rate. Liberal= liar. Canada? Yeah, break a leg and sit in one of their roadside clinics for 2 days so the bone has to get re-broken and set. What do you people think non competitive, government controlled health care looks like? It’s not, “I got a boo boo belly, please free ginger ale”. It is basic economics. Bernie was a shill. Nothing is free. Start at the bottom of the price deciders and work your way up. Cross state licensing for practitioners would drop the costs drastically. Paul Ryan needs to pay back his lobbyists though…

  • goose

    We, as Americans, write our own future. We don’t want a garbage opinion from weak “cants” that “wont”

  • goose

    Search “Epi-pen prices/ Hillary Clinton” to see how many more hundreds of innocent kids and adults the “Left?” have done in with their greedy agendas. Remember that movie “My Girl”? Anybody with serious allergies know the price went from $15 to $679 because “Mommy” got a $1.8 mil kickback and let people die while she was Secretary of State. Think about that. If you ever got the wind knocked out of you, add another 20 or 30 minutes to that fear and desperation with your vision turning to white as you are swelling up and gasping in half breaths. Life is real. Stop acting like it aint.

  • goose

    I’d have to guess that this whole situation should be in the hands of companies with actual cross state competition to make it affordable to the layman that doesn’t want to read into it. Complexity breeds contempt. A simple grace period before an actual repeal of “socialist-care” would be a step in the right direction. Tell the rest of those contemptual characters that keep putting it off the rails to stop drinking the bong water. Realistically, we need federal deregulation on weed to weaken the cartels and pharma companies. Opiate abuse and deaths would drop existentially in week. I don’t even smoke and I could see that. This is where DJT’s admin is dropping the ball. Freedom has to be in the hands of the people that live while not having their judgment be ordained for them.

  • Robert

    Sad how for the last 8 years, this same group has condemned ACA, but never had a plan to fix or replace.
    They voted to repeal/remove over and over since Obama shoved it down our throats, but now their BS has been exposed as well. Sure makes me proud. Not!
    More bread and games. Pitchforks and torches I say.

  • Dave

    The Republicans didn’t even take a vote on it because they didn’t want you to know how they would have voted. My hope is they try again and pass their version that hits older people hard maybe then you will stop voting them in office.Nothing worse than Old Fools..

  • smitty

    Simple have Obamacare declared unconstitutional as forcing people to buy private healthcare is obviously illegal ( as gay marr. and rec. dope) , Then replace it with fed healthcare and lose the ins co and overcharging medical profession , the votes you gain will out strip the ones you lose , A new flat tax will be necessary and paid by all ( no exceptions) . The med coverage needs to be limited as to basics and then the private supplemental ins for those who can afford applies .


    Saving 24,000,000 people from uncertainty is a great start, but Democrats and all others who seek TRUTH with the 2016 Presidential election needs to focus on the elephant in the room, which is COLLUSION BETWEEN THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN AND THE RUSSIANS!!! Right now, 62% of the American people want a independent, bipartisan commission, and so should you! PLENTY of evidence exists and Nunes has shown how the GOP wants to SMOKESCREEN THE ISSUE instead of addressing the issue. The Russians already handed Trump the Presidency, but you can demand action NOW but turning the heat on the GOP. Let’s get to work – we have a CONSITUTIONAL CRISIS AT HAND!!!

    • magicmikexxsm

      Putin and Trump you are an idiot…..” COLLUSION BETWEEN THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN AND THE RUSSIANS!!!”””

      Post us some proof idiot……8 months of investigation and no proof…you think if that democrat idiot Schiff had proof it’d be a;; over every form of media, but he doesn’t so he just spews BS…

      But I will tell you what’s gonna happen and what we know….get ready for the shoe to drop on the obama admin, we know he was spying on Trump the businessman before the election and after he won during the Transition…the NSA has proof of this and will be dropping the dime on the Obama admin in the near future, also we know that people have been “unmasking” names of the Trump people caught up while they the obama admin was listening to foreign conversations which is illegal… yes “putin/trump a lot is going to come out about this in the near future, and it won’t look good for the obama admin, can you say Subpoena Mr. Obama….hahahahhaha lol you still suck…

    • smitty

      Hillary lost -get therapy. Wrong Discussion , But remember who gave Plutonium to the Russians – Hillary , Who do you think Russia wanted as President ? Duh.

  • RicU.


    You missed the biggest news of the decade!!! Trump signed the law funding the NEW NASA telescope to be launched next year. This is the same SCIENCE ENGINE which catapulted JFK to greatness. To get into space, you need better education, wider based education, voting rights and a lot more. This could EASILY be the start of Camelot 2.

    But let’s worry about a smoke screens about the forum shopped 9th Judicial District which gets overturned 80% of the time. Let’s get sidetracked when microphone grabbing Congressmen and Senators set them up for a collapse of medical care. Let’s talk about minutia while we are getting flanked by a President who is jump starting a Dead In The Water ship of state.


      Trump et al are under investigation for rigging the election and you are about a telescope and compare the telescope to Camelot? Are you KIDDING ME?!? Now THAT’S a smokescreen, and a laughable one at that. A better comparison to the Trump situation would be Watergate, and that’s not even close to what Trump at al have done. Give me a break!!!

      • christined62

        They had to stop all the recall counts because of all the fraud with Clinton votes. More votes for her than people in the districts. California has van loads of illegals voting in multiple places. Trump was elected by this Country legally. Clinton supporters are just mad that she didn’t do a good enough job of rigging the election in her favor. She underestimated the amount of hate most voters have for her and her family.

      • Marvin

        FBI said that no voting system was hacked and no votes were changed by Russians. FACTUAL information about Hillary exposed by the leaked emails may have changed some minds, (which was a good thing) but most of the people (except for the illegal aliens from South America) voting in the election were Americans. So tell me more about the Russians SAD STUMP

    • lookback

      I get it, you’re talking science fiction. The only thing Trump is flanking is the pastry shelf at the White House and at his weekly taxpayer funded vacation in Florida. Evidently you are one of those adoring fans of the great deceiver, a minority of sorts, one of the paltry 37% that still support him. You have our sympathy, we understand, you feel you must believe, you have to serve him, you must follow, you must ignore your own eyes and mind and keep on defending the indefensible, admitting you were conned is a bridge too far for some, our hearts go out to you. I know, letting go of the belief in Santa is heartbreaking for some, but it must be done, it will be difficult, but someday the truth will reveal itself and you will be a better person, the rest of the country will only ask, what took you so long?

    • J (@ds18301)

      Let’s go with that. We are going to have to find a lot of foreign scientists from scary sounding places to actually make this happen as the expertise no longer exists in this country. But wait, Trump won’t allow that. But wait, Trump has also decimated the budgets for education. But wait: Trump has also made major cuts to the NSF and NIH thus furthering our decline in the sciences. Wake up.

  • Mary Jo Fortuner

    The Democrats don’t think there’s anything wrong with Obamacare to begin with and nothing is going to change so how is healthcare “Up in the air”???? Democrats shoved Obamacare down the throats of the citizens of the US with not one single Republican vote. Democrats OWN Obamacare and all the miserable healthcare and financial screwing it brought the middle and lower class. Then Democrats obstructed any changes and gave not one single vote from their side on this GOP healthcare Bill. They WANT Obamacare “as is” in perpetuity. So what that the “Ryancare” bill was pulled? The Democrats are to blame if it implodes just as Trump warned. We are only 60 or so days into Trump’s Administration and there’s plenty of time to fine tune a bill so it matches what Trump proposed– NOT what Dems and RHINO’s want, but WHAT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE DEMAND. When the SHTF it’s the Democrat’s shameful fault from beginning to bitter end–NOT Trump. So DEMOCRATIC Congressman Cartwright better try a different spin on this story because we know better.

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