Double Dose of Disaster Following Twister, Blizzard

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PITTSTON TOWNSHIP -- While many hours have been spent on cleanup from the tornado one month ago in Lackawanna and Luzerne County, there are months of work still ahead.

It's easy to see the all the work Bryan and Lori Bryk, of Pittston Township, have ahead.

"It feels like we just built the house 15 years ago, and we have to do it all over again."

Mother Nature hit people in this Luzerne County neighborhood with a one two punch.

First the tornado one month ago, then the blizzard.

One thing almost everyone we spoke to in Pittston Township agrees on, the blizzard has made cleaning up from the tornado more complicated.

"The contractors can't do anything until the snow is gone. Hopefully by the end of this week they will get started," said Bryan Bryk.

Not all of the damage is visible. Debbi Jahn's 4 year old still feels frightened after seeing his playthings destroyed.

"Especially walking through the woods, he feels nervous that the tornado is going to come back," said Jahn.

When we met Rosemary Yanchulis and her husband back in February, they were huddled by a candle waiting for power. Now surrounded by grandkids, she laments many trees near her home will take a generation to regrow.

"Every tree is just wiped out, so that forest will take a lifetime to return," she said.

Lackawanna County also still bears scars from the storm, like trees toppled on a shed in Dunmore.

"The trees down and the snow, it compounds itself," said Nick Luongo of Scranton.

Lake Scranton's walking trails remain closed due to storm damage and snow, people hoping for a scenic stroll were turned away by a security guard.

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