At 101, Lifelong Dupont Resident Is Older Than Borough Celebrating Centennial

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DUPONT -- At Dupont's centennial celebration, it was the borough's oldest resident who stole the limelight.

After 100 years, the original borough building still stands. It's now a motorcycle parts shop.

Dupont's centennial celebration was held Saturday inside the Dupont VFW.

Lifetime resident Margaret Milewski even got a key to Dupont--as she should--she's outlived the borough.

"I guess they had to honor somebody, and they figured they couldn't find anybody older," Milewski said.

At 101, when Milewski was born, the borough wasn't even officially recognized yet. And for Milewski, it was a different way of life.

"When you're in the town and you're here all your life, there's a change. There's a big change. You don't know your neighbors anymore," she said.

"To have somebody that's older than the borough and seen the entire history of Dupont is amazing," said Bob Price, Dupont Progress Committee.

It was a celebration of sorts not just for the borough, but for Milewski and her entire family: generations upon generations here in Dupont.

"It's an honor," said Diane Milewski Skrzysowski, her daughter. "She's made it this far. She had a tough life. Now things are a lot better for her, and we're just glad she's with us here this long."


  • Rurbanite

    Congratulations! But I hear this all the time–you don’t know your neighbors any more. So why don’t you go out and greet them, say hello, invite them in for coffee, form a block association. There are a million constructive things you could do that are better than kvetching about how you don’t know your neighbors, I am not criticizing this woman specifically, but only saying we all have to do our part and get out from behind our computer and TV screens.

  • Show me the money

    It’s too bad she didn’t run for president I would have voted for her….I’m sure she would do a better job than the creep in there now…..God bless you

    • A concerned young adult

      Great job posting something completely irrelevant or useful. Ill take you’re soapbox now, and put it to better use… holding soap.

      Congrats Margaret!! 101 years young!

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