Penn State Community Reacts To Spanier Verdict

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STATE COLLEGE -- Former Penn State President Graham Spanier was found guilty of one count of endangering the welfare of children by a jury in Dauphin County Friday.

The jury also found him not guilty of another count of endangerment and conspiracy to endanger children.

"There are zero excuses when it comes to failing to report the abuse of children to the appropriate authorities,” said Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro.

Prosecutors say they're glad jurors found Spanier responsible for not protecting minors on Penn State's campus who were abused by former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky.

Sandusky was found guilty of sexually abusing young boys and sentenced to decades behind bars.

Former Penn State vice president Gary Schultz and former athletic director Tim Curley pleaded guilty earlier this month to endangering children in connection with the scandal.

They both testified against Spanier during his trial this week in Dauphin County.

"I think when people hear about scandals on college campuses, they're horrified, but they don't keep up with it, so a lot of people didn't even know the trials were still going on, but the unfortunate thing is, even now when you bring up Penn State's name, people still have a very negative connotation," said student Rachel Heller.

At Penn State's main campus in State College, some students did not know the name Graham Spanier, but others followed the trial and were glad with the outcome.

"It needs to be recognized, it needs to be like known so something like this doesn't happen again but I also think it's good for just the campus and community in general to just kind of get over it," said student Ellie Manca.

Spanier's attorney says his client will be appealing and Sandusky is appealing his case.

Still, students Newswatch 16 spoke with at Penn State say with the trials over, they're hopeful everything can go back to normal.

"I”m hoping that everyone can move forward now that everything is over and it's the last trial so hopefully we can all move forward from this,” said Ryan McCullough, a PSU student.

Penn State's current administration released a statement about the Spanier verdict that read in part:

"…while we cannot undo the past, we have re-dedicated ourselves and our university to act always with the highest integrity."


  • stpfastdad

    sad the leader of the students, Graham Spanier needs jail time like jerry, the rest of his life….. this whole mess cost the taxpayers millions…we need all his assets and pension. think jerry still gets his pension in jail? that needs to stop too

  • smitty

    A disgrace for people who buy into that these people were properly prosecuted , Years of lawyers taking money and a bogus outcome in the end ( no felony ! ) Penn State was the loser under these creeps and Penn State will continue to protect it’s athletic scum . Wait for the Sentencing shock when they are getting nothing . The State ( AG Office) shelled out many million of taxpayers money to lawyers ( what matters to them). I report organized crime in PA and get threatened by cop/judge and FBI to hide it.

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