Elite Motors: Is It Still In Business?

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SCRANTON -- The Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office continues to prosecute a used car dealership in our area accused of ripping off at least 30 buyers. The question now, however, is simple: Will those who claimed they were cheated by Elite Motors ever have a chance to get their money back?

The Attorney General's lawsuit claims that Elite Motors cheated customers and sold defective cars, SUV's, and pickup trucks to more than 30 people. While Elite Motors operated two dealerships in the region -- one in Plains Township, and another along Keyser Avenue in Scranton -- neither appears to be operational in present day.

In Plains Township near Wilkes-Barre, the landlord evicted Elite Motors from the lot in the fall of 2016.

When Newswatch 16 approached the Plains Township lot, the front window still bears the phone number for Elite -- however, when you dial the number it says it is no longer in service.

As for Scranton's Keyser Avenue lot? It's set to be sold at a judicial sale, because owner Robert Ferri owes more than $21,000 in back taxes.

Newswatch 16 also tried the phone number for the Scranton lot -- to the same end.

This does not bode well for the nearly 3 dozen people who claim they were ripped off by Ferri -- they worry they might not get their money back, now that Elite Motors does not appear to be in business.

One former customer, Annamarie Medina of Scranton, bought a used Kia from Elite Motors in 2014. She claims that not long after the purchase, the car began to fall apart.

"Bad brakes, bad rotors, tires are bad," said Medina. "The bumper is still not fixed, and the bumper is now off the car, because of the wind and the storms this winter."

Since her initial purchase, Medina spent more than $2,000 just to keep the car drive-able.

She plans to be a witness for the Attorney General's Office in the lawsuit against Elite Motors and owner Robert Ferri. But even if she can't get restitution, she hopes her complains helped push the dealership and its owner out of the used car business.

"So no one else will get his wrongdoing. No one else will get a car that doesn't work," she said.

Newswatch 16 Investigates attempted to get Robert Ferri to comment -- but we were unable to find him, and apparently we were not alone.

The Lackawanna County Sheriff's Deputies could not find Ferri to notify him of the judicial sale of the Keyser Avenue lot, which was scheduled for Monday.

UPDATE: As of late Friday afternoon, Ferri paid the $21,000 in back taxes, meaning the lot on Keyser Avenue will no longer be up for judicial sale. However, the State Attorney General's lawsuit still continues.


  • Ashley

    Maybe some education on what to look for in a used car… these little dealerships always try to make a quick buck. You get what you pay for!

  • Disgruntled in Forty Fort

    I’m still waiting myself to see what transpires. Over a year ago I filed a complaint with the AG. 7 pages long. My 2004 Caddy still sits in the driveway, now with 4 flats, dead battery, 2 blown head gaskets, no plates and no insurance. If Elite wants it, they can take it back. The car is/was considered a buyback lemon in 2005, and I only found out after a Carfax report in 2016 when I wanted to trade for a better reliable car. I paid for it over 3 years, and has been a nightmare ever since. Dave Bohman from WNEP has contacted me a few months back to follow up. I hope there’s a resolution, since I’ve been still paying for this car and don’t have a title for it either! It’s a nice car, but multitudes of problems now and since Day 1 that was never disclosed. I had to buy another car to drive daily, since I don’t want to spend $3000 for repairs. I’d like to hear some answers.

  • E

    Of course car sales fraud is big in NEPA, it’s well known that the area is full of uneducated drunks who believe a car is a status symbol ha ha ha! What do you expect? R title, S title and flood vehicles from other regions are shipped to Scranton by the truckload for an easy sale. Look at the stats for vehicles leased by private individuals in the Scranton area, it way above average because the incredibly fake people in your region want to appear to be successful, in their mind. Scranton Pa where a car is a status symbol and education is overrated lol.

    • Cindy

      That has nothing to do with it. This dealership screwed alot of people. and I’m glad that he is closed down and lost his dealership licence!

  • WarningFakeNews

    “neither appears to be operational in pleasant day.”

    Well, what about on bad days? Are they operational then?

  • sal

    The problem is the PA Attorney General. Fraud is a crime. But the Attorney General only brings civil actions for these criminal acts and only after hundreds of people were defrauded. The criminals laugh at the Attorney General because nothing will happen to them. They know it. The Attorney General knows. When will the media catch on so that innocent people stop getting defrauded because of the intentional acts by the Attorney General?

  • I am smart

    Brakes, rotors, tires and a bumper torn off is not a used car lot issue , I hope the other claims have some merit . I would expect a Kia to fall apart . This is why you go to a reputable garage with car before you buy , for $50 or so you can have a pretty good evaluation and an experienced mechanic to advise if he’s seen problems with them .

    • Liam G

      “Brakes, rotors, tires and a bumper torn off is not a used car lot issue”? They are when you throw a sticker on it!

    • Dr Glock

      How is it not the dealers issue, vehicle is to be able to pass state inspection when sold. And if breaks and tires went bad not long after be sold, then that would be fraud.

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