Salvation Army Offers Clean Eating Food Drive

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EAST STROUDSBURG -- Stacks of fresh fruit and vegetables filled the warehouse at the Salvation Army in East Stroudsburg.

People waiting in line were a bit surprised by all the fresh produce the organization opted to hand out this month.

"It's very good! I am glad we got the fresh vegetables because I cook every day. So I am really happy," said Viorca Bartaj, Stroudsburg.

The apples, bananas, carrots, and cucumbers are all part of the organization's fight against diet-related diseases, including diabetes.

"This month, we have been able to, with the generosity of our donors and the community, as well as our state food purchase program, purchase healthier food options for people coming into the choice pantry. So we have fruits and vegetables and fresh eggs and the hope is to continue this year round," said Rose London, Salvation Army Development Director.

People we spoke to tell us fresh food like this is much better than the canned stuff and they are very happy the Salvation Army was able to offer all of this fresh produce.

Rosaria DiVartolo from Stroudsburg says she's grateful for all the Salvation Army offers.

The fresh food is a nice change.

"It's very important," said DiVartolo. "A lot of Vitamin A, B, and C, It's a lot of things."

Directors tell Newswatch 16, they do try to offer fresh produce all year round, but sometimes there's not enough for all the people that they serve.

The hope is to change that with this program.

"I am just really excited to continue getting the word out and to truly take a stand against diet-related diseases," said London.

The Salvation Army in East Stroudsburg holds food distributions on the fourth Thursday of each month.

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  • Roni lynn

    Diabetes is not a diet related disease! diabetes is an auto immune disease. Please do your research before commenting on such things!
    My son is 3 with type one diabetes and did not “get” it because of his diet. His immune system attacked his pancreas and he no longer produces insulin.

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