Eco-friendly Corks Top Off Wine in the Poconos

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JACKSON TOWNSHIP -- Owners of Mountain View Vineyards near Bartonsville are switching out synthetic corks with more eco-friendly corks.

"We really believe that as a vineyard and a winery that we should do everything possible to make sure that the products that we use are earth-friendly," said owner Randy Rice.

These new corks are made of sugar cane.

Rice says sugar cane grows much faster and can be grown in a lot of places as opposed to natural corks made from trees and artificial corks, which are less biodegradable.

"We think it's going to be a thing of the future and we think it's a much greener technology."

And the corks seem to work better, too.

"They go in easy, they are fine. Hopefully, they prove to be really great and everyone starts using them," said staff member Frank Krupski.

Because the earth keeps this business running, owners of the vineyard tell us they decided to return the favor and go green with whatever and whenever they can.

Brian Polnasek does a lot of uncorking as a part of the winetasting staff. He's looking forward to using the new product.

"This is definitely a great product for the industry and I think it's a great product to keep your bottle of wine fresh, and it's not something you're going to have to worry about when you're corking it," Polnasek said.

"It's great to know that this distillery and winery has our best interest at heart as well as the environment's," said east Stroudsburg resident Angelica Badillo.