Painted Rocks Become New Craze in Susquehanna County

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SUSQUEHANNA -- Wanda Rockwell's paint brush has been busy. Her canvas is rocks, and she started a movement around Susquehanna borough where people paint and hide rocks, while others try to find them.

"It's an act of kindness,' said the Harmony Township resident. "To let people paint rocks with little sayings on them. I got one here that says smile. I hope when I hide this, the person that finds it has a smile on their face."

Rockwell's daughter told her about people painting rocks and hiding them near Philadelphia, and she was inspired. Rockwell is closing in on 700 painted rocks and not running out of ideas anytime soon. She has made rocks with a variety of quotes, and even rocks for April the Giraffe, Clifford The Big Red Dog, and other animals and landscapes.

"This newspaper I have laying down here had a penguin on it so I thought, 'I'll paint a penguin,'" she added.

An ever-growing "Susquehanna Rocks" Facebook page showcases people young and old painting and peeking around every corner to find a prize.

And you can find the rocks hidden just around anywhere in the community, from special iconic spots to downtown and even the school playground.

"Under the slides and the playground," said second grader Esther Davis.

"People are just finding them on the playground and things," said fourth grader Matthew Matis. "At my house, I have eight."

Even the school superintendent has a rock on his desk.

"It's such a unique thing to have students refocused on being outdoors and searching for things as opposed to staying inside with their video games and cell phones," said Bronson Stone, superintendent for the Susquehanna Community School District. "They're little hidden treasures they love to find."

While Rockwell treasures seeing her rocks rolling into a movement.

"It's just a neat thing," she added.

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