Harveys Lake Man Beat Mother, Killed Dog with Baseball Bat

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HARVEYS LAKE -- Last Tuesday afternoon, during the peak of the snow storm, chaos erupted in one Luzerne County neighborhood. Now a man from Harveys Lake is in jail, his mother is injured, and their family dog is dead.

Charlie Ide, 34, was charged with assaulting his mother and killing his dog after he allegedly beat both of them with a baseball bat last week. He was denied bail Monday and remains in jail.

One neighbor, who didn't want to give us his name, lives across the street from Charlie Ide and his mother on Lincoln Avenue in Harveys Lake. He was outside plowing last Tuesday when he heard screaming.

"The other neighbor from behind us thought he got hurt or something," the neighbor explained.

They originally thought he crashed his quad while plowing or got hurt shoveling. Neighbors quickly found out Ide wasn't yelling because he was injured; he was fighting with his mother.

"We all congregated here to make sure, at the end of the driveway, to make sure he wasn't going any further," the neighbor said.

Ide allegedly beat his mother with a baseball bat while calling her a witch. Police described Ide's behavior as irrational when they arrived at the home.

"There's never been an issue before. I've known the man for his entire life. He was always a gentleman. He was always polite. He never gave the police a problem," Harveys Lake Police Chief Charles Musial said.

Officials believe when Ide starting beating his mother, the family dog intervened trying to protect her. They think once Ide realized he was beating the dog, and that the dog was dead, he stopped the assault and went outside. That's where police found him. Reports show he was lying in the snow out front of the house when police got there.

"Ironically, a dog that she rescued in December, and she brought it back to full health, had come after the son," Chief Musial said. "I believe and she believes that the dog did help save her life," he added.

Neighbors and police say Ide and his mother had a close relationship. They lived in the home in Luzerne County together and both worked as janitors for the Lake-Lehman School District.

"I know that he loved his mother to death and the dog that was at the home," Chief Musial said.

Ide's mother was hospitalized for a week for a broken arm, a brain bleed, and a laceration to the back of the head. She was released from the hospital Tuesday night and is in a rehabilitation facility.

Ide will face a preliminary hearing on March 30.


  • WALT

    Charlie and his mother are seriously some of the nicest people you’d ever want to meet. The incident occurred because of a reaction to a prescription medication resulting in hallucination and violent behavior. This guy is absolutely NOT the monster many allude to in the comments section. He was out of his mind at the time. The mother knows he didn’t intend for it to happen and he’s absolutely shaken and horrified that it did. He loved that dog too. Now all of the legal stuff they have to deal with and the effects this will have on the rest of their lives… all because of side effects of a stupid medication. My heart goes out to them. They of all people do not deserve this.

  • Perf

    What the hell is this world coming to? All across this land, great men and women are dying, in need of organ transplants, and here is a perfectly good set of them breathing air. This POS needs to be put in a cell with some good old boys that can show him no mercy.

  • Robert

    Wait! Don’t those TV commercials tell people to stop taking their medication and call the doctor upon experiencing a number of listed side effects? One side effect often listed “uncontrollable urges”. Now how do you stop in the middle of one of those? I guess you don’t……so perhaps the drug company’s should put forth a little warning that describes potential consequences a little more accurately, additionally less media drama and more accurate reporting. Once again, the media and the consumers of media favor a superficial means of appeasement over actual circumstance.
    How sad it will be when the erosion of civic duty amongst the concerns of the commoner progresses to the point where the truth is not only endangered, but extinct. We are indeed close in my opinion.

  • R/T

    I wish the dog could have beat him around the yard with a baseball bat. That would have been a lesson well learned. Minimum 25 years in prison.

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