Thaw Today, Ice Tomorrow

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SCRANTON -- One week after a blizzard dumped snow, burying the region, mild temperatures are bringing on a thaw. Snow banks are melting and shrinking, and roadways are wet.

The mild weather and sunshine drew many to Nay Aug Park in Scranton Tuesday afternoon.

"It's lovely. This is our second time up to the park today. It's really nice," said Marty Nonnenberg of Scranton.

"I like the sunshine," said Anna Flynn of Clarks Summit.

It was that sun and mild weather that drew many folks outside in Scranton.

"Just a few days ago, it was freezing out. We had like Tuesday through Friday of last week, but it's getting sunny out now and nice,” said John Flynn of Clarks Summit.

Giant piles of snow leftover from last week's blizzard are shrinking fast, but an arctic blast Wednesday and Thursday could mean these wet roadways will turn into dangerous ice.

"I just heard about it now. I really didn't know about it. I hope it doesn't happen,” laughed Linda Nonnenberg of Scranton.

The plummeting temperatures aren't the only issue.

There is strong wind in the forecast, too, which could lead to wind chills in the single digits.

"Hoping for no more delays or closings just because we were off all last week, we don't want to add any snow days to the end of the year,” said Ciara Cawley of Moscow.

“Hopefully it just stays warm and no more delays!"

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