Rape Trial of Former Deputy Sheriff in Poconos

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STROUDSBURG -- Opening statements got underway Tuesday morning for a former Pike County deputy sheriff accused of raping two girls in Monroe County.

John Conte is accused of assaulting the girls more than 20 years ago at a home in Long Pond when the girls were between 4 and 10 years old.


  • Pike resident

    This supposedly happened 20 or more ago. He was not a Pike County Deputy then, so why do you have to mention that? When other people get arrested you dont mention where they work?

    • RicU.


      Sins of the past taint the person of the present. A student with failing grades probably will probably not make Harvard. The Sheriff Department hired him on his past abilities and actions. They have to live with the taint by association.

  • RicU.

    We, the People, are being “protected” by bullies and worse. I, for one, see only “uniform” which is so corrupted, they feel they can do anything. More than likely there are more. But if you say anything or report it, YOU become their new target. Hats off to the Monroe County D.A. on this one. For sure, it would have been a different story elsewhere.

    Welcome to the Poconos where every thing is perfect. WNEPA 16, here is your chance to break into the big time media. Pass this up to the ABC brass in NYC, if you have the nerve.

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