Interstate Signs Take Hard Hit from Blizzard

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POCONO TOWNSHIP -- There was plenty of damage after last week's blizzard and some of it can still be seen on our interstates. Several road signs took a hard hit.

Driving down Interstate 80 near Tannersville you would normally find a sign that directs you to Camelback Mountain, but after last week's blizzard, the Camelback sign can be seen resting on its back.

It's one of many road signs in the Poconos that took a hard hit.

According to PennDOT officials, this is a problem that is hard to avoid after severe weather, but it will get fixed. Some drivers we spoke to hope to see the signs back upright before the damage causes any major issues.

"It was surprising to see how much actually came through and what it did. It happens. It's northeast Pennsylvania. We get a lot of bad storms," said Seth Moyer.

We also found several exit signs knocked over.

Some drivers we spoke with believe these downed signs will be a problem, especially for drivers who are not from this neck of the woods.

"We have tourists coming on back roads and that causes traffic for us because we live out here, and if they don't know where they are going, it could turn into a whole mess," said Patrick Nolan.

According to PennDOT officials, after a storm of any kind, problems like this are hard to avoid. The plan is to fix the signs that were knocked over once the weather clears.

Some drivers we spoke to hope that happens sooner rather than later.

"It could cause some problems, makes it a lot easier to miss your turns," said Moyer.

PennDOT officials say depending on the size of the sign, it can cost anywhere between a couple hundred or a couple thousand for repairs. That includes the labor that goes into it.

Teenager Robert O'Grady from Long Pond admits he's new to driving streets and highways and hopes to see the repairs done soon.

"I think it's a big concern to me because if there is a sign that I don't know and I get pulled over, there's no sign and I can't do anything about it."

PennDOT officials have received several notifications about downed signs and plan to fix them.

They are asking anyone who sees a downed sign to report it.  Here's the link to report problems to PennDOT.


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