People in the Poconos Ready to Welcome Spring

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STROUDSBURG -- Things you did not see in downtown Stroudsburg almost a week ago: people walking up and down Main Street, people running outside, and people soaking up the sun.

But almost a week after more than two feet of snow fell on the roads and sidewalks, it's finally starting to feel like spring.

"First day of spring, you can't pass this weather up," said Alfonso Torres of Stroudsburg.

We found Torres taking advantage of the sun and warmer temperatures. He's happy spring has sprung.

"Oh, I think this is good. We need more days like this. Hopefully, it starts to come quicker," said Torres.

Katy Nauman from Marshalls Creek hopes this mild spell means she can put her shovel away for good.

"I love it. Hopefully, it stays around and we don't get any more snow because I can definitely take the weather like this," said Nauman.

Just a few days ago, you couldn't even see the benches up and down Main Street, but now, people are sitting on them everywhere you look. They think it's amazing what a difference a week could make.

"Oh, I am loving this now. Last week was a mess. It really was. There's a big difference and what could I say? I could sit out here all day," said Richard Jackson of East Stroudsburg.

Jackson spent his day sitting on one of the newly thawed out benches. His only complaint was there's still a little more shoveling to do when he gets home.

"I've had enough shoveling out. I can tell you. I had to do two cars and that was enough. Actually, I left one buried," said Jackson.