Nurses Rally Outside Geisinger-CMC in Scranton

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SCRANTON -- Hundreds of nurses took a stand in Scranton on Monday, calling for better working conditions and patient care.

Nurses with Geisinger Community Medical Center picketed outside the hospital on Mulberry Street. They were joined by nurses with Geisinger Wyoming Valley as well as nurses from 20 other hospitals and health care facilities across the commonwealth.

Nurses at Geisinger-CMC are calling on hospital management to settle a fair union contract.

They claim they are overworked and underpaid, and that puts patients at risk.

"There is a lot of unsafe staffing going on here. We lose a lot of nurses because we have a very poor retention rate and they leave. New grads will come work for us, but they leave as soon as they can because the conditions on the floor just aren't what they should be," said Shannon Reichard, Geisinger-CMC nurse.

Geisinger officials tell Newswatch 16 they are continuing to work toward a new agreement.


  • Nursing deserves better

    Staffing in the health field is terrible. Always over work everyone to make more money it’s like a god send when the department of health comes in for their annual check in because then you’re finally staffed correctly. I really hope these nurses speaking out can make a difference! Overworked and understaffed everywhere. It’s not like they don’t have anyone to hire, they just won’t put more than the minimum required nursing staff on duty so they can meet minimum hours required for the day and pocket the profit

  • Fed up

    This isn’t just here it’s everywhere….Nobody cares about safe nurse to patient ratios, as long as these CEOs continue to rake in their 11 million a year and the upper management of these places continue to make their big 6 figure salaries along with their perks and bonuses such as free fuel on geisingers tab, free transportation on geisingers tab and hell, even the CEO who pretty much gets free housing on geisingers tab……they will never take a pay cut or let their perks go to help assure adequate staffing levels.

    • shocker

      Very true, all you have to do is look at the cars the pull up to the fuel pump at Geisinger to top off for the weekend….BMW’s, Audi’s, Cadillac’s, Mercedes….I guarantee they are not the “white Geisinger” owned vehicles…nope they are the vehicles of all the people that can afford to fill up their own gas tanks but what the heck…fill up on Geisingers dime and tell everybody else to cut back on their man power and resources, as long as the rich keep getting richer thats all what matters!

  • Valfreyja

    They need to do this in Danville too! Geisinger is a disgraceful mess and it’s all because their staff is over worked. It’s not just the medical staff either! Geisinger’s management is putting patients at risk by trying to save a few pennies on more staff and it must stop!

  • InIt

    I applaud the effort, however, their logic is flawed. They are holding signs that say “Patients before profits”, but Geisinger is a NON-profit educational/teaching hospital. Maybe picket outside a FOR-profit hospital instead?

    • Samantha

      Non-profit simply means that funds are put back into the hospital system instead of hedge fund owners or shareholders.
      This non-profit organization made $3.7 billion in profits last year. They can afford to hire a few more nurses and aides.

      • Juan Motime

        You have not idea what you are talking about and need to get your facts straight. Geisinger Health Systems did not (repeat did not) make $3.7B in “profits” last year. That was their total revenue. Their net was $165.7MM. Look it up on their 990 on the IRS Web page. You people are talking with your emotions and your brains.

    • Kristen

      Don’t kid yourself. “Not for profit” simply means they have more creative ways of hiding money. I can assure you, as employee, the number one priority is the bottom line!

  • Shut it down

    Cmc – horrible ER services. If you are still alive after sitting in the ER for hours and hours, Trauma Department is wonderful. As for the rest, shut it down. A good many of those nurses deserved to be fired as well as some of the ER doctors. And do not bother complaining to the hospital board. They stick by their own. Most incompetent hospital ever.

    • Shut it down

      Btw, gotta love how shackled and handcuffed inmates brought into the emergency room here are allowed to use the main ER waiting room bathrooms

    • No Thanks

      if people would quit using the ER for coughs, hangnails, and chronic issues, you wouldn’t be sitting in the waiting room for hours. If you were sitting in the waiting room for hours, perhaps your condition wasn’t ’emergent’ and could have been taken care of in a fraction of the time at an urgent care.

  • i quit..

    96 year old mother, taken to GMC IN WB. IN AMB. NOON on monday. Sat in wheelchair in waiting room til after 8pm. then in hall. today still in EM room. still waiting for bed today. UNDER STAFFED TO SAVE MONEY.

    • Leon Sphincs

      You shouldnt have taken her to a GMC dealer then. Take her to the ER. She probably wont need a new muffler.

  • Juan Motime

    Get a grip. Take care of the patients. How can “conditions” be so bad when you have stats that are better than the national average. I did not make up these numbers.

    How well does Geisinger – Community Medical Center save lives? 3% better than the national average, based on the overall mortality rate for critical illnesses.

    Mortality Rate
    Heart Attack
    Heart Failure
    Put on your big boy pants, take care of patients and quit whining. Amen.


      The numbers you cited make a pretty fair case for them actually. If you notice, most of the signs were for better staffing rather than pay. Everyone wants to be rewarded for their good work (and with a 3% better than the average mortality rate I’d say they deserve it), but they know that the hospital conglomerates’ tendency to run their hospitals like fast food joints with as little staffing as possible is hazardous to staff, patient care, professional livelihoods; pretty much everyone besides stockholder dividend checks and executive bonuses. The days of the small independent, care-centered hospitals is over. This is big business, and as vital employees not even allowed to miss work for a blizzard, I’d say they at least have a seat at the table when it comes to staffing.

      • Nurse CP

        Very well put! Being a nurse myself, I sympathize with all nurses in the trenches and dealing with poor working conditions. One extra set of hands makes a tremendous difference in patient care outcomes. Yes those numbers that were quoted are remarkable, but this is a testament to the hard work of their nurses and medical staff. All the stat numbers, while impressive, do not directly reflect the patient to staff ratios. Us nurses get the job done whether we have 5 or 10 patients, but let me tell you it is a hell of a lot harder to give the patients the care they deserve when you are stretched so thin.

  • Sam

    By that comment, I think you chose a wrong profession. Seems to me that you are not up to the tasks of nursing.

  • Sam

    There are 2 other hospitals in area. Oh, I forgot. You don’t want to lose your 6 figure salary and 8 weeks of vacation.

    • Back Mountain Mike

      Six figure salary? 8 weeks vacation? What world are you living in? Shame on you for even suggesting such numbers.

    • Nurse DeMoney

      Nurses around here make 6 figure salaries and get 8 weeks of vacation? I don’t know what jet-setting, limo-riding nurses you know but you might want to double check because I think you are confusing Taylor Swift for a nurse again.

    • Blu

      The staffing issues impact those hospitals, too. Let’s fix the problem. I never met a nurse or aid or transporter or other staff level hospital worker who felt that staffing levels are safe for patients or staff.

    • Concerned Citizen

      You obviously have absolutely no clue what you are speaking about. Funny how people can be so ignorant and so critical at the same time. These nurses are fighting for safe ratios to care for the community. As far as an 8 figure salary and 8 weeks vacation. You are mistaken. Instead of spewing hateful comments on the internet maybe you should educate yourself.

    • Samantha

      Geisinger reported that nurses make an average of 74,000 including benifits that they never see like sick days and vacation days that take the place of weekly pay.
      Your 6 figures and 8 weeks vaca are obviously pulled out of where the sun don’t shine.

      • Vuvian Evans

        Sadly this is become more the norm.
        To those that want to talk disrespectly of other nurse. I ask you to walk hand and hand with them in the ditch to see what nursing is. Nursing is a life long
        commitment for most of us. So please consider ypur words carefully never know when you will need us. Stand together do not tear us down.

      • No Thanks

        I suspect they have artificially inflated this figure by including nursing ‘leadership’ positions.

    • RN

      Sam, I think you need to talk to a Registered Nurse. I don’t work on a salary, I don’t make anywhere near 6 figures and “vacation” time doesn’t really exist in a short staffed nursing world. Please keep In mind many of us chose to be a nurse to care for others but we can’t give our best care when we have 8+ patients to care for. All we ever want is to help heal.

    • Nurse CP

      OMG!!! No nurse working on a direct patient care unit makes six figures! If they are I wish someone would tell me. I have been a nurse for 15 years and you are not even close to the salary buddy!

    • No Thanks

      how dare you judge these people? Based on your ridiculously inaccurate and disrespectful comments, you haven’t the slightest clue about what a nurse does and how grossly under compensated they are for their work. I can say with 100% confidence that a typical med/surg RN with decades of experience could never even faintly hope to see a six figure salary in their career. Why don’t you save your arrogant and senseless comments for something you actually have a remote understanding of?

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