Health Care Forum Draws Big Crowd in Northumberland County

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NORTHUMBERLAND -- A health care forum in Northumberland County drew a packed house.

Dozens turned out to the Front Street Station banquet hall in Northumberland to learn about potential reform of the Affordable Care Act.

A panel of medical workers and health care experts addressed the crowd, answering questions about how repealing and replacing Obamacare will affect them and their families.

"I think people need to be informed about what is transpiring in Washington. They need to understand that this proposal is not supposed to fix the ACA. It's basically slow motion repeal, which is going to cost 1.3 million people health insurance and many lives," said Marc Stier, executive director of PA Budget & Policy Center.

One person even brought a giant wheelchair along to the forum to show his position against repealing Obamacare.


  • WarningFakeNews

    My own opinion? Just remove the mandate and let those of you who LOVE Obamacare keep it. It won’t take long before this scheme to tax the heck out of ordinary Americans in order to provide free coverage to those who won’t work or are here illegally will collapse. Let’s just not attempt to resuscitate it when it dies. Let the democrats own it.

  • magicmikexxsm

    Okay now 2 people gave my post thumbs the hell do you disagree with all entities in the healthcare field taking what ever healthcare insurance you buy????? how do you thumb down that..what are you 2 morons…….wow……

  • Dave

    Say goodbye to you’re inexpensive Health Care if you are over 50. How about Medicare..Cuts cuts cuts.Nothing worse than a bunch of uneducated middle age bigots to mess things up for the rest of us.

  • Tom

    How can these “experts” know what the new repeal is gonna bring when the original plan had to be voted on according to Pelosi before anyone could find out?!?! This is all liberal bleeding

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