Back to School After Extended ‘Snowcation’

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SCRANTON -- After four snow days last week, students went back to school on Monday.

All schools in the Riverside Area School District were on a normal schedule after the entire school district was closed four days last week, but many other schools in our area had a two-hour delay to give crews a little bit more time to get the roads cleared.

Snow mounds are still piled over a foot high on the ground as some parents and kids struggled to get back in the groove.

"Crazy, actually! It was very hard to get up. It was very hard to get back in a routine."

Tami Nelson has three kids in the Scranton School District. She is also a teacher, so back to school for the kids meant back to work for her, something that was difficult after a week-long "snowcation."

"Hibernated, basically. We were home all day, nothing to do. We couldn't get out!" said Nelson.

So after a long week of being home, were the kids excited to be back?

"No, they wanted to be home still. But we have to go back eventually."

The Scranton School District had a two-hour delay to give crews some extra time to clear some of the more narrow streets. Principal Nathan Barrett at John F. Kennedy Elementary took over as traffic coordinator before school officially started just after 10 a.m.

"It's been crazy. We're trying to find parking for our teachers," said Principal Barrett. "We are also making sure that all of the kids are coming in safely. We did have a street that was blocked over here. We had a bus break down on the way, so today's been a little chaotic."

Barrett said the two-hour delay was needed for this small neighborhood school.

Jesse Goff walked his two daughters to school.

"The roads are still a little bad, but it's only right up the block, so we're good," said Goff.

After the school day started, Principal Barrett says the calls started coming in about a schedule change, and when those snow days will be made up.

"Our central administration is revamping our calendar. We may lose some time off of our spring break, then, if we have to, add some stuff onto the end of the year."

The Scranton School District posted to Facebook on Monday that its revised calendar will be released Friday.

Riverside's superintendent tells us that district is waiting for guidance from the state Department of Education.

Other school districts in the area have already altered their schedules.