Avalanches, Rock Slides Shut Down Road

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UPDATE TUESDAY: Coxton Road is open in both directions.

RANSOM TOWNSHIP -- PennDOT crews spent the day working to reopen Coxton Road that runs between Luzerne and Lackawanna Counties.

Crews are clearing what they call several small avalanches that closed Coxton Road.

People living on the Duryea end of Coxton Road have heard only silence for the past couple of days.

Richard Klink says it's not like that when the road is open.

"The trucks, 24 hours a day, there are trucks going between here, Ransom and Suscon."

Klink has lived in this neighborhood for more than 35 years. Avalanches have closed the road a couple of times, and that tacks on time to his trips north.

"Ten minutes for a ride up to Clarks Summit, Scranton," he said.

PennDOT crews spent the day opening sections of Coxton Road and were busiest at the Luzerne-Lackawanna County line.

Equipment cleared up to five feet of packed snow on the lane next to the Eastern, or hilly side of the road.

Plows made progress on Coxton Road Monday, clearing an entire lane, but there were obstacles. Sometimes, the plows would run into rocks that mixed with the snow – rocks that fell from the hillside.

The closed road leaves Alyssa Sekelsky worried about her neighbors.

"Probably the elderly or anyone with any kind of health issues."

It may be just a couple of days before PennDOT completely clears the snow and rocks, and Richard Klink says the tractor-trailers that move paper products will bring the traffic and the noise back.

"I'm not going to miss it. I'm not going to miss it for a while. I know it's going to come back."

PennDOT has no solid timetable on when this usually busy road will reopen.

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