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Fire at Natural Gas Well Pad in Wyoming County

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LEMON TOWNSHIP -- A fire at a natural gas drilling well pad is under investigation in Wyoming County.

The fire started at the pad off Saw Mill Road in Lemon Township near Tunkhannock early Saturday morning.

A sign near the well site shows the pad is operated by Chief Oil and Gas LLC.

Emergency Management in Wyoming County said no one was hurt and the cause of the fire is unknown.

The company's website says it has drilled more than 200 wells in the Marcellus Shale region.

It is unknown when, or if, that well will resume operations in Wyoming County.


    • Roscoe

      Jodi, are you ok with using rational thought to drive our energy policy? If so, shouldn’t we eliminate fossil fuel use altogether? I am no certain you, as a supporter of fossil fuel use, should be touting the use of rational thinking or logic. The two do not go together.

    • papokergod

      Rational thoughts tell me fossil fuel usage isn’t going anywhere since the people in the ghettos like driving their Cadillac Escalades and other gas guzzlers. They also tell me other cars aren’t going anywhere anytime soon that use gasoline. You also have a crap ton of homes that use natural gas, coal and/or oil to heat their homes. I am sure yours is too. Unless you are paying out the arse to heat our home via electric baseboard.

    • WarningFakeNews

      The great gift that the earth has to offer is an inexhaustible supply of fossil fuels. The earth, teaming with life, creates more and more each day than we’ll ever use for transportation, heat, or manufacturing. The earth is the ultimate recycling machine, it’s been doing it for billions of years. Far more fossil fuels are created in the oceans daily than we take out, and that’s just the oceans.

    • Brian King

      Shut them down.
      Then you’ll cry because you have no heat, lights won’t come on, etc.

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