Addressing the Stigma of Addiction

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DALLAS TOWNSHIP -- In the midst of an opioid epidemic sweeping the nation, a college in Luzerne County hosted a conference to address the stigma surrounding addiction.

The Stigma of Addiction conference was held Saturday afternoon at Misericordia University near Dallas.

Hosted by the university's American Medical Student Association, it featured healthcare professionals and speakers touching upon topics surrounding addiction.

"Our goal is to see their viewpoints, see how they became addicted, see where the trauma came from, and what led them to their road of recovery," said Alexandra Wagner of Tamaqua.

The event was free and open to the public.


  • Jd

    If someone becomes an addict because they were prescribed a medication, then I feel bad for them and their families. But, if all they wanted to do was get high, then EF em! They made that choice!

  • truck driver

    Your absolutely right. Allot of people work in the methadone industry. The thought of a real job will cause them to attack you for speaking truth to dependency and sloth.

  • Pissed mother

    Let me tell you something, Mr know it all. You obviously know nothing about addiction. My son is an addict. I worked two jobs and was not on welfare. Addiction can strike the rich , poor ,or middle class. It does not discriminate. I just love idiots like you, that can judge someone’s situation without knowing it. So glad you don’t have addiction in your family. It causes such heartbreak . I would never want to be an addict relative of yours, you are so heartless. Oh wait, forgot your family is perfect. I could reply all day to your idiotic comments. I am so mad. But I got to go to work, yes I said work. I made that choice .

  • JP

    Well put. Remember everyone that there are many addictions not just drugs or alcohol. If you or a loved one are dealing with an addiction, educate yourself and search for a program to help. Good luck everyone.

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