Snow Removal Underway in Hazleton

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HAZLETON -- Days after our area was hit hard with snow, crews are still cleaning up and clearing off main roads.

In Hazleton, parts of the downtown were shut down so crews could get rid of all the snow.

Crews started working at 6 a.m. Friday to clear out the downtown.

It was like watching a complicated dance as backhoes, plows, and loaders went from East Broad Street to West Broad Street, clearing off and carting away all the snow still stuck on the side.

"It's good to clean the road. That's teamwork. That's how I see it, teamwork," said David Salina of Hazleton.

A couple of blocks at a time, crews with the city and PennDOT shut down parts of the main drag so cars could finally start parking downtown again.

"Yesterday, I had someone who wanted to park and asked, and I said wait until tomorrow and we will see, so I see they are trying to do the best they can here. There's quite a bit of it," said Melissa Bart of Hazleton.

It takes crews about an hour to clear the snow from the side of the road block by block, picking it up and dumping it in a nearby abandoned mine.

"This whole orchestra you see here is loaders scooping up the snow and putting them in tri-axles, and tri-axles hauling them off to our dumping area where we are able to get rid of the snow," said Lt. Ken Zipovsky, Hazleton Police.

Carmine Parlatore owns Shop 2 on East Broad Street.

"It's incredible. I was here the day of the storm to clean up a little bit. I couldn't event open my doors, and to see it today, I am so thrilled," Parlatore said.

Governor Tom Wolf is providing additional plow trucks and loaders to both Hazleton and Wilkes-Barre as the cleanup continues throughout the Wyoming Valley.

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