Side Streets in Wilkes-Barre Still a Mess After Snowstorm

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WILKES-BARRE -- While Wilkes-Barre crews and contractors continue to clear out main roadways in the city, it's the side streets that still have everyone talking.

"It's just getting through these side roads are horrible. The alleys aren't done. The side roads are barely done. It's just horrible," Maryann Sakosky of Wilkes-Barre said.

Newswatch 16 took a drive through streets like Regent and Barney and noticed it felt more like a wooden roller coaster than a roadway.

Just about everyone we spoke with says the main streets in Wilkes-Barre look just fine. It's the side streets that still have piles of snow.

"Main roads are good. These guys, I don't know, they're waiting for the sun to get it I guess," said Henry Wolfe of Wilkes-Barre.

It took Destiny Twyman three hours to dig out her spot in front of her house. Hers is the only side street she's willing to drive on.

"All the main streets are perfect. There's no snow on them, but all the side streets are horrible. You can't even get on some of them," she said.

Governor Tom Wolf has ordered additional crews from the game commission to help clear out snow in the city, which for some couldn't come any quicker.

"With more coming, what are we going to do? Where are we going to put all this snow? We don't have anywhere else to put it," Sakosky said.

When Newswatch 16 spoke with Mayor George earlier in the week, he emphasized how crews were working 16-hour days and working their way from the center of the city outward, but things can get difficult quickly having plow trucks maneuver through old narrow streets with cars on both sides.


  • Morgan

    If you don’t like snow, move south. This is a big country with lots of places to live where you don’t have to put up with it. If you choose to live here, suck it up.

  • rachel kelley

    Side streets all suck not only in wilkes barre,hanover side streets need to be plowed & to remove all the snow

  • Granny

    Why doesn’t the town get smart and only allow parking on one side of the street durning a snow storm, or no parking at all on the street!

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